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Hi all - just hoping for your thoughts please on powerheads / water flow.

My tank is 6' with quite a lot of live rock, mixed fish and atm just softies

I am in the unenviable position of having had my second Vortech MP40 go caput.

I initially had 2 - one on each end working together, and with battery backup.

One went bump about a year, maybe more, ago and because Ive been debating whether to pack up or not I just put a basic powerhead in its place to tide me over (excuse the pun:tongue:). Its not been the same, and the icing on the cake was last night when, having just fed and gone for the last few days, I noticed the second one had stopped and it was all a bit gunky.

I have put the tunze I keep for mixing salt in to give flow....but I made the mistake of putting the bloody magnets too close and can't get them apart now, so I had to put them both in and try to fix them with the vortech dry side .....so it looks very dodgy and I have no control over it whatsoever....

What I am getting to (sorry for the ramble) is that I guess I am going to need to get this sorted now (its kind of got further up the list into the unavoidable expense list) is what your thoughts are on powerheads and flow for a tank this size - do I replace with fresh vortechs or do I put something else in.....I accept that the world has moved on since I last dealt with this issue about 7 years ago and I'm not as up to date as I could be....

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance !!



You have the same setup as me. I Upgraded to Gyres one at either end. Never missed a beat since.
There is for and against. imo gyres are the best. good luck Gail


Yep IMO Gyres are the way to go. I have heard lots of stories about MP40s failing and far less of the gyres. I have 2 FX150s at each end and an FX130 in the back corner vertically to provide flow around the back of my reefscape.



That helps....
I will have a look today. Need to get sorted :)

Where did you guys source yours? LFS or Cyberspace?


Most decent LFS stock gyres but if your doesn't then tinternet.
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Agree, Gyre is the way to go, I have one 150 on a 5ft tank and it gives plenty of flow but having to run it quite hard, two would be better. They also do a smart controller so you can link the two together for more varied flow patterns,
If you wanted something cheaper the Jebao WP 40s can shift a lot of water.