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Hi all,

I'm looking to invest in some new power heads / wave makers, however completely confused on what to buy. I've been spurred on by one of my older Hydor Koralia's failing and giving me electric shocks lol so I'm now down from 4 to 3.

My other power heads are a Koralia which i think is a 3200. Jebao Sw-4 and a Tunze power head, unsure of flow (would expect to be around 2000-3000lph).

I eventually would like to replace all 4 and run the same or two types. For Example, 2 wave makers maybe Jebao SW-4's and two matching power heads.

I've been looking online and quite taken with the All Pond Solutions WM-3000 or is it more cheaper than cheerful?

My Tank is a Juwel Rio 300, 4x2x2 350L minus displacement.


The Maxspect Gyre XF130 is a good pump does the job very well in water displacement but it depends what your after.


Thanks for the quick reply, unfortunately an endless supply of brass aint on the cards at present. I'm thinking of investing in something that might last a year or two and as circumstance change I'll invest in a more expensive better product.


I've just bought a gyre xf230 with advanced controller for my 2'x2'x2' cube tank and after seeing it work and how good it is (and easy to use) I would NEVER go back to powerheads.

Sure it was expensive, but would take lots of powerheads to achieve anywhere near the flow of my 1x gyre pump. After 2 days of use my water seems clearer and the corals are all happier (as are my fish) :w00t:


Staff member
I've used the all pond solutions powerheads in the past and they are cheap and cheerful. I couldnt fault them for the money. I would just try and get one with the magnet mount rather than the rubber suckers.


The box shows that it comes with both, if it doesn't it'll definitely be getting returned, however I do have 2 hydor koralia magnets sat in my spares box.