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When to add a clean up crew?


I've got two tuxedos and it's a toss up between sumping them because they constantly frag my zoas and move frag plugs but as said they do eat a lot of algae off my back glass. Here's one with a zoa hat


We can't tell you everything at once where would be the fun in that, yes someone could have said yes get some snails ......oh and by the way once you put them in you won't find them , but thats half the fun , and its happened to all of us, just wait till you buy some Wrasse.Big Thumbs Up

Dam it. Done it again.

Just got some really lovely peacock wrasse and although the guy at the local fish shop said they might hide... now they've both totally gone. I know they are in there somewhere! I'm just amazed that i can't see ANY sign of them now. Unlike the snails where you can see part of them these have just gone.

Not only is this fun, its enlightening too! Can't wait for what is next.

Ps. Got a Flymo blenny as well and he's cool! He loves going in and out of the little caves in the rocks. So cute.