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What are they!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi probably being very dumb but can anyone shed any light. have been sitting watching my tank and have just seen several things not sure if they are ment to be there or not!!!!!! The first was a goldy orange centipedey looking thing just watch him eat whole brine shrimp!!!!
2nd my husband has just seen a shrimp thing a bout 5mm long just before it disapeared into the rook it looked as if it puffed out a steam of something. Also saw something about 3mm long almost clear with 2 whitish bands wiggle into a rock.

probaboly living up to my blond highlights!!!!!!!!! Are these meant to be there if not how do I get rid of them.

Thanks Vikki

P.s there is no clicking sound coming from tank so guess its not a pistol or mantis shrimp (could be wrong though) Geessss I'm getting paranoid now 1st fish die now am seeing things.



Are you able to get any pic's ? To be honest if you look at your tank real close you will spot all sorts in a couple of weeks time it will be running alive now there are no fish in there to eat them .


sound like brissle or fire worms! a 6 line wrasse are the main fish you could buy to get rid of them. they are almost impossible to get rid of by hand, apparently they are hitch hikers in live rock. i have a few but they dont seem to cause any problems but they do breed ALOT!


They can become a neusance over time generally they will just feed on the detrious under your substrate and on the rocks but be cafreful as they pack a nasty sting (found that out the hard way :( ) They are very difficult to remove I found that a little trap works pretty well in removing them.
Something like a clear weighted container that your fish can't get into and some bait something meaty like a cockle or muscle in the bottom of it over a few hours they will come out to play and find their way into the trap hehe and then gently remove the trap and do what you want with them.
Im a sadist when it comes to bristle and fire worms I really have no time for them lol.
I'm a nice person really just HATE those little wormy gits.

Hope This Helps.