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We Have A New Homepage!

Brent W

Staff member
You may have noticed our new home page today when you opened up The Salty Box. Our new homepage uses a special algorithm to go through and highlight the most popular content that you all have created over the history of the forum.

The home page is continuously updated as new great content is created and discussed. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here!


Love it :) (especially seeing one of my threads there :rolleyes:).

What's good is that it allows you to jump straight into the action, so to speak. My first port of call on the site has always been New Posts and then to click on the Recent option - this new home page means I now don't always have to :D


Staff member
Not sure on it personally - some of the threads it shows up are older ones not the newer ones. Maybe go for a picture of sorts before the threads start ???Just my opinion


I actually like it no bad thing about the age of the posts for anyone searching and coming across the homepage they get a feel for the forum straight away


I like it a lot, especially if its on a rotation with other popular posts. So we dont see the same ones daily.

But i think it should be tab rather than the opening page.

But good to see positive changes