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Wanted - New Tank


Hi wondering if anyone has a good LFS or supplier of cabinets. I bought a mdf one a while ago, great starter but as the hobbie has now advanced, and its a few years down the line, hinges are rusting, wood has got wet etc and flaking and we all know what the mdf is like, Lid is to big and wont seat the new lighting so looking now for a solid 5ft cabinet. Sump to the left as you look at the tank. Cheers Mark Not a millionaire though guys looking for a good deal as always :) would consider new tank and cabinet upto 7ft.
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Have you seen the Evaluation aqua range of tanks? They now make them up to 6ft I believe,
Not the cheapest but the quality is superb.
I know both Burscough aquatics and Kracken corals deal in them if you wanted to see one.


I have a brand new D-D 1500S 5ft gloss black, £1800

Cost us £2200 so saving £400 for a brand spanking new setup.