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Various Bits Including Newave Powerheads


Broke my tank down a couple of years ago. Sold a couple of powerheads on here and some bits, the rest got chucked into a cupboard and forgot about until the other day when my wife was clearing out.

I have a box with a few bits in.
Skimmer bits, a couple of NEWave powerheads. I'm sure there's a For Sale post somewhere on here from ages ago if anyone wants a better description.

Free to anyone who wants it. M45 area :)
Pref collection today if possible.


I'll grab these on my way home from work Bod. Whats your address? I'm only in Whitefield myself


Crapsticks, soz mate I didn't get notification of this reply!
All yours mate. I'll PM you my address now (assuming you still want them).