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Uv Steriliser

Discussion in 'Filtration / ULNS' started by phil hunter, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. phil hunter

    phil hunter Registered

    Jul 7, 2018
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    I'm curious as to how many readers use a UV sterilizer in their set up ? I've heard conflicting reports that they're good and bad for a reef tank so unsure i should add one ir not ? .
    I have a 500l well stocked display with 100l sump containing bio balls , bio pellets in a reactor and a good quality skimmer yet still keep getting a brown covering on my sandbed every couple of days and patches of it on the inside walls . The tank has been up and running 3 months now and all my parameters are fine with no other issues except this . Any advice ?
  2. shazants

    shazants Registered

    Oct 11, 2017
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    I think 3 months is a little early to expect any algea blooms to have completely gone.... It took my tank a good 9 months for it to settle down.

    The main things I concentrated on to assist removing the blooms and settling the tank are as follows :

    Lighting - PAR + Schedule ---- Check BRSTV for the AB+ with around 250 average par covering the tank
    Phosphate - getting as low as possible - reactor with Seachem Phoshguard ( I did start with GFO but the former is much cleaner in my opinion )
    Nitrate - getting as low as possible ( has been undetectable since the Cheato and sump had run in! ) - this was mainly by adding cheato and a sump
    Alk - Stability - the tank seemed to improve no end once i had it stable around 8dkh - this was accomplished by dosing (using Aquaforest 123+)

    I also read up on UV's but very early on decided not to go down that route, there wasn't a specific reason it was just an accumulation in my opinion not to go down that route.

    I haven't had any issues related to not have a UV installed over the last 2 years so ill be crossing everything i have going forward that I dont regret it.
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