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Burscough Aq

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Sorry Guys just not had time to take any pics , but we are stuffed full of great fish and corals for tomorrow look forward to seeing you all :-d


Only for those that dont ask !!! And are under 60

Also Sams kessil bars are in

That's ageism and I am going to report you to age concern.:club: Tomorrow at 10 there will be over 100 60+ pensioners picketing your shop armed with deadly walking sticks, Zimmers and false teeth so be afraid be VERY afraid. smiley-sex020



ooh I can just see all those lovely frags changing hands. and good friends getting together
As it should be :) Just sick as a parrot I could not make it :(


Been there now home 3 more frags bought but I have no idea where I will put them, destined for the frag rack for now. 2 butties, some crisps eaten and a cup of coffee, sorted. Thanks


Thankyou@burscough aquatics for today [MENTION=18058]Moneydownthecouch[/MENTION],where were you.Looking forward to some of your jokes:lol:


picked up a stunning blue millepora and a couple of ati t5's. shame there wasn't more people but it was good to put names to faces :)

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