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The Cursed Species


I used to have problems with plating montis. If that is the problem you need to check your potassium levels. Need to be around 380. Mine have been ok since. I have found using iodine helps. But more so for orange/red. Or for hysterix.

Marine Life UK

I don't tend to target feed them. I feed a cube of frozen mysis each night with a mixture of red plankton, lobster eggs or rotifers.

Ive always found they do better if you do tbh, did they ever extend their tenticles (they do this after lights out about 30mins after normally)


Toad stools... lost 2 over a few months.. I keep lps alive but softies bomb proof are not turner proof..


Mexican turbos for me, never get them to last more than a week even after a 12 hour slow drip, all other snails do fine :rolleyes:


I seem to do okay with corals, but I've lost 2 small gobies (both Stonogobiops family) since I've started, both looked to be doing fine and then disappeared one day never to be seen again. I dont seem to have any problems with the other goby families.