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The Condensation Season Has Arrived.

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by les, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. les

    les Registered

    Now that the winter months are all but here many of us will notice an increase in condensation forming on windows, even on walls and possibly clothing and furniture. This is all due to something known as the Dewpoint. Without going into great detail this is the point where a body of air cannot retain the amount of moisture within it. When the air contains more moisture than it can hold, it reaches 'saturation point' and when this is reached, the moisture turns back into water and condensation occurs. The temperature reached saturation point is called the 'dew point'.

    Windows even double glazed are cold enough for condensation to form on the glass and even the frames inc double glazed PVCU windows. Toilet cisterns containing cold water attracted water molecules to condense on them causing drips and in some cases, people think their cistern has a leak. In severe cases, walls will attract this moisture and mould growth often follows. Furnishing can also suffer from mould growth along with clothing esp leather goods which appear to be ideal breeding grounds for the mould growth.

    So what can be done to combat condensation in our homes? Well in less severe cases the correct use of heating and adequate ventilation can help sliding glass covers will reduce evaporation on our tanks, however, these measures alone are often not enough especially with the amount of evaporation from our tanks. Some will use extractor fans and dehumidifiers but they have many disadvantages even heat recovery units can prove very expensive and well out of many peoples budgets.

    There is a better answer out there than all the above mentioned. I am a retired local government building projects manager and have a great deal of experience dealing with condensation problems in domestic property inc finding the cause and implementing condensation eradication schemes. Agian, without going into detail I have been involved with advice, decoration, insulation, ventilation and mechanical removal of condensation.

    Around 12 years ago I trailed something call positive ventilation PIV or a low-energy Positive Input Ventilation system. I used 2 companies and 5 units from each company were instaled in various age, build type and construction of public sector properties all of which had varying degrees of condensation. The results of the studies taken through the winter months (the time when condensation problems are at their worse) were quite remarkable. The tenants of the properties all completed an extensive before and after questionnaire and all either reported a large reduction in condensation or complete elimination of the problem. Apart from the positive effects experienced in the properties, all reported an improvement in the air within their homes.

    If anybody would like any further information just as same goes for any questions.
  2. cuprajake

    cuprajake Registered

    after speaking to les i have a piv system coming.

    going in this weekend.

    our house is fairly new in the 15yr old range always noticed a bit of damp round windows etc. id ssy not the best built house.

    couple this with a fish tank and a family snd a wife who loves to dry clothes in the house.
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  3. steve861uk

    steve861uk Registered

    Our house is superbly vented at the mo, thanks to the puppy it is also freezing!!!!!! :eek::mad::confused:

    My good lady insists that we have the back door open all the time to prevent accidents on the carpets/etc..

    Good luck with your system @cuprajake :)
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  4. les

    les Registered

    Extractor fans, dehumidifiers are old tech and are far from ideal for many reasons from running costs, inefficiency and other far from desirable reasons. PIV is where it's at.
  5. cuprajake

    cuprajake Registered

    my piv is sat here in a box ready for fitting
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  6. les

    les Registered

    As far as I am aware it won't work in a box it has to be fitted and supplied with electricity I am reliably informed. :zpong::rolleyes:;):comp4:
  7. dj23bol

    dj23bol Registered

    What is a PIV? How much do they cost? My house in winter is like a damp factory even before I took up reef keeping

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  8. les

    les Registered

    Below is an explanation from one of the leading companies supplying PIV units. Basically, instead of sucking moisture laden air out of the property as with an extractor fan or removing it and depositing the moisture into a vessel you have to empty daily etc as with a dehumidifier, a PIV unit works in a totally different and more efficient way by pushing it out of the home.


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  9. hitsmith

    hitsmith Registered

    I have had a PIV for a few years now and do find it good for condensation, but even with a pre heater it has a tendency to push the warm air out of your house which can make it a bit chilly once your central heating goes off. To combat this I have fitted a timer so it only runs between 9am and 9pm in winter.
  10. les

    les Registered

    The amount of air pushed out is quite small and it is air laden with moisture of course, The unit does not run continuously only when the temperature resulting in condensation drops and is far more economical than say a dehumidifier or extractor fan running even a similar amount of time.

    Further info.
  11. AngusMitch

    AngusMitch Registered

    I have been looking at the Nuaire PIV's in the past couple of weeks as they have very good reviews

    Havent decided which to go for, but I will definitely be getting a PIV of some sort to help out bad humidity in the house.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017 at 12:50 PM
  12. les

    les Registered

    Both are good units. However, just one company offers a complete fitting system using it's own technicians, not subcontractors along with a complete 5 year guarantee on the unit and the fitting if that is important to you.
  13. McPikie

    McPikie Registered

    Does not one have their windows open on trickle vents?