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Stepping Down From Admin


First of all, congrats on the job status, I wish you well in that.
Secondly I would like to offer my sincere thanks for all that you have done for the forum in the years we have been running, you have been an integral part & a very valued & respected Admin. I personally will miss you on that side of it.
On the other hand it's good that you are still going to be as regular a member as you were as admin.

All the best, Dave


Congratulations on the job!!!

Thank you for all your hard work over the years for Salty Box. It has been and is appreciated.
Still need to get down for a nosey around fish no chips as haven't successfully been yet (was closed last time).


Good luck with the job thanks for all your help on here my tank would have been shut down long ago if it were not for you helping me out does it mean I can get a tang now your no longer admin