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Stepping Down From Admin

Some of you already know that I have now got a full time job at Fish No Chips, if you didn't then you do now. :)

When I was part time, I was positive that it would not affect my role on TSB and so I felt, that I didn't need to take any action at that time.

However, now that I have a full time job, its better that I do step down from being an admin of the site, in that respect.

As from later on today, I will no longer moderate the forums. (Not that I did that much on that side of things anyway lol)

It has been an honour to help out on here and to help mould things as to the way they are now, and thankfully, I have made a **** load of friends, but I have to move on so to speak and earn a living.

In reality, nothing would probably change in my posting styles, threads, opinions etc apart from that I will be changing my username from Gedmin to [email protected] and obviously I will also now be posting in the Fish No Chips section more frequently. I felt it wasn't right to do that whilst working part time, as I wanted to continue doing both and also be seen as impartial.

I ain't leaving the hobby, and I ain't abandoning my threads, I am still the same person, and I will still support all the LFS that I normally frequent, as they have helped me out so much along the way in this hobby. ;)

So if any of you do pop into Fish No Chips in future, and I don't already know you, make yourself known, I may even make you a brew lol :)

So in true forum stylee, 'Thanks for all the fish!'
Good luck with the new job mate.

Can see why youve made the decision. Youve done a lot for the forum and im sure we are all greatful for that.



good luck in the new job and may pop in to see you, and still stay in touch and will still see you around some of the meets if not the shops Big Thumbs Up