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Signature 600


The job every reefer loves...... cleaning out the skimmer

2018-01-11_08-22-06 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
2018-01-11_08-22-13 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
2018-01-11_08-22-23 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

I know the UFO grow light won't be helping it, so going to shade it off with some black PVC when I move the tanks over.

Got lots and lots and lots of old live rock that's been in the garden for months, so that is now in an RO bath in the garden

2018-01-11_08-21-59 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
2018-01-08_03-58-46 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

Some great branches and plates, courtesy of @merser

Picked up my balling liquids so I can finally get my doser on line, hopefully stopping the Kh swings which I think are the main reason for my stripping, although I have an ICP test on the way to me this week.

2018-01-08_03-58-40 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

A frag of Horrida and a rainbow milli that I picked up from Kraken the other week which has been sat on the sandbed. I'm sick of the conch knocking them over, so finally milliputted them down

D7K_6381 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
D7K_6374 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

Also, havent a clue on the name of this, but it's super bright

D7K_6386 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

Love the way this acro is colouring up. Green with blue tips

D7K_6375 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

And a cheeky little monti digi

D7K_6387 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
D7K_6391 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr


So, after stripping down, cleaning and checking, I cannot see any rust on my RW4s or my MP10. Weird. I need to check heaters and return pump really, but given I will be transferring tanks soon, I think that can wait until then. I am going to do some heavy water changes in the meantime, but have removed the booster pump from my RO machine in case that was the thing leaching Zinc into it.

I did 20% change on the night before last with my refreshed RO machine. New sediment, carbon and DI. Went to pull some water off last night after removing the booster pump and checked TDS. 41 in..... 8 out. What the actual ####? So stressed out over that, knowing I had used that water for my change the day before and my RO top up, took me ages to get the DI pod off to see if it was pressed in properly, which it was. Then struggled to get it back on......... before realising I had it in the machine upside down, meaning it was being bypassed completely. Jesus wept Phil you moron.

Its like a slow trickle without the pump too, so throwing away 25l which took 4 hours to make did not make me happy. Hopefully, everything should be working better now. It's showing zero TDS at the moment. I'm going to carry on with water changes every other day of 20l and do another IPC test next month.


Big day on Saturday

2018-03-03_07-44-59 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
2018-03-03_07-45-07 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

Ideally wanted to move the 600 t the alcove on the left, but on measuring, it was only 880mm wide and the tank cabinet is 900. ########. But I needed to get my arse in gear, so....

2018-03-03_07-45-18 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
2018-03-03_07-45-25 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
2018-03-03_07-45-35 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

2018-03-03_07-45-46 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

2018-03-05_08-59-50 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

Tonight I'm going to attempt the scape in the 900


Staff member
Looking forward to seeing this one, done right the signature 900s look fantastic,

Where did you get your ICP test from Phil, Kracken?