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Royal Gramma, Gramma loreto


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Common name: Royal Gramma.
Scientific name: Gramma loreto, (Poey, 1868).
Synonyms: None.

Location: Western Central Atlantic: Bermuda, Bahamas, and Central America to northern South America.
Adult size: 8cms, (3 inches).
Recommended aquarium size: 90 litres, (20 gall).
Longevity: Eight to ten yrs.

Availability: Wild caught and captive bred.
Temprament: Quite secretive and territorial. Threats rather than actions are used to defend its territory. Must have access to caves where it will swim with its belly close to the rocks even if this means swimming upside down.
Reef safe: Yes.
Difficulty: (1 to 5) One, very easy to keep.
Food and feeding: Bold feeder, will take suitably sized particles of food mid water. Completely unfussy, frozen food, some specimens have been known to accept flake food.
Temperature range: 22°C - 27°C, (72°F - 82°F).

Additional notes: Only keep one per tank unless the tank is very large. Generally not compatible with similar looking species.

1, Gramma loreto, Royal gramma : aquarium

*If you have kept this species, please feel free to add additional information by replying to this thread.
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I have kept RGs over many years mainly in pairs but I currently have 4. There is a lot of misinformation out there about these stunning affordable little fish, unfortunately. I have never witnessed a real aggression from these little fish but they will defend themselves. Often people confuse the RG wih the similar lookig and coloured Royal dottyback which is a totaly different character entirely.


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Sorry, don't know how my Regal angel got in there and I can't seem to remove it.


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Removed for you sir,
It’s a good picture, assuming no objections I have added it to the Regal angel database and credited you with the photo
Cheers, Doug.
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