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Ro Unit


Ok so I bought a second hand ro unit of a certain web site and it came with 10 new filters , the guy who had it used it for window cleaning and his aquarium.
Now the filters that came with it are 5 green filters ? And 5 carbon blocks see pictures
My question is are these filters ok for marine aquariums and what order should they go in and should di resin go in the clear canister.
Also there is a water in pipe but all other pipes are connected so no water out pipe what order should they connect.

I'm able to to bring it to anyone if they want to re plumb it right.

Thanks for any help


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Hi. The larger canisters, last pic, should have a framework they fit into. The green pre-filter/sediment filter first followed by the carbon filters. Yes you could put the di resin next, but it's generally better to put it after the r/o membrane to prolong it's life and improve efficiency. This would involve another housing being placed inline, they can be bought easily enough and added on.