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ReefFest 2014 Itinary weekend 17/18th May


Is there an event on soon ive heard a rumour, is there a date? You would think someone on here would organise it !!!!

sorry what this i just finished work..have i missed something....tell ya what the organization , information , planning and thoughtfulness on the site .......pff

Big Thumbs UpThanks

i trust we do get discount on the bacon buttys..?


Well just got back home from Cockfields .....wallet now a lot lighter .....told the Mrs that there was not much there, sneaking all my new goodies into the house Hysterical

Got to say thanks to Red sea Kev for his little chat with me and costing me another £100 :w00t:

And Seneye's Andy for showing me the new seneye web server and software that is coming out soon

Well time to mess around with my new toys
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Went for the free butty and coffee spent over £100 :eek: Couldn't resist the 20% discount :rolleyes:. Wish I could have stayed longer but had to get my corals and fish back and had to detour to pick up my eBay cabinet. Great day though and would have gone back tomorrow but I am working. smiley-sex020


really enjoyed nerdfest, oops reeffest:-d

met lots of very nice people today and enjoyed my chats.

got myself a few more acan frags and they are looking good.

well done guys, all I need now is to win a raffle prize and my weekend will be super.


Join that bloody queue [MENTION=19846]Rory2005[/MENTION]... Them prizes are mine lol.

Sorry I didn't get to have a chat with you today mate. Was a great day. With a superb turnout.

Thanks to everyone involved and for turning up.


lol same here buddy, just wish I had the money for the orange goniporia, would have had a traffic light of gonis then


Ha I have no idea what the hell I have bought! I'll find out when I get into the office and see them in all their open glory on Monday.


Super day

Thanks to Mark for the free sausage sandwiches

Treated myself to a bucket of salt

Very interesting talking to the manufactures reps

aquarium solutions
Eco Tech

Sterling work by [MENTION=11338]Hazey[/MENTION] doing the raffle
About £1,200 raised so far great prizes

If you have been yet get yourself down
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Got a bucket myself , A lovely looking Mandarin and a couple of corals( golden frog-spawn and a richo ) oh and i got a triton test pouch...going to be really nice to find out exactly what my parameters are all the stuff you cant properly test for.

doing a good clean up tonight water change then collect my goodies tomorrow..well there is free coffee and sausages so it would be just rude not to go.just must not buy anything else...Lol

On a serious note congratulations and a big round of applause to Mark , Dave( Hazzey) all the workers at Cockfields and anyone involved in the reef fest what a wonderful event. Big Thumbs Up


Great day, good to catch up with a few people again. Spent ages trying to keep an eye on my kids, and stop them getting bored!

Yeah I forgot to pick up the triton test pouch, want to get a full set of test results on mine as well.


Great to see you and put a face to the name [MENTION=19324]Oldman[/MENTION].

I agree... HUGE thanks to [MENTION=11338]Hazey[/MENTION] and [MENTION=11465]Aquarium@Cockfields[/MENTION] was a great day.


Thanks for a lovely day my partner and kids enjoyed themselves and I had a fantastic time talking to the reps and having a good look around I will come back soon and I look forward to the next one


Got to agree great day, good to hear from the reps great stock and great conversations with fellow hobbyists and good to meet some of you. Well done and thanks to all concerned, great effort and event. I'm back tomorrow for more and to collect my corals:)
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Over £1200 in raffle money has been taken so far, all for a great cause & there are still a few more hours to go before the draw today at approx 14:00hrs Big Thumbs Up

See you all there in an hour


Red Sea Technical Support
Folks, I'd just like to say a big thank you for the warm welcome received from you all at Cockfields Farm yesterday, it was great meeting so many dedicated aquarists on what was a truly magnificent dayBig Thumbs Up


Brilliant day, best stock I've seen! Got a few stunning Acans! Well organised a big thanks to all involved.


Thanks for the fantastic day. great staff , fantastic frags and fish. It was great meeting some of the forum peeps and the reps .
I think grandkids liked the pettying zoo and the play area better Big Thumbs Up
i would like to send a special thanks to the lass severing coffie Worship

i can not wait to come down again, once again thank you for all your effort :clap: