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Reef Tank, Rimless Braceless - Stoke on Trent - ST7 4UL - Collection Only

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Equipment For Sale

Equipment make/model/size: Reef Tank, Rimless Braceless
Age: 14 approx
Condition: Excellent
How long have you had the item: 14 months Approx
Quantity for sale: 1
Reason for sale: Closing down
Sales price: sensible offer considered
Delivery or Collection: Collection Only
Region: North West
Location (Town): Stoke on Trent
Advertised elsewhere: Yes
Location: ST7 4UL View on Google Maps

Further Information:

Rimless Braceless Reef Tank, minimal glass cube look.
Size 31”L x 24”H x 20”W (3ftx2ftx2ft)
Only 13 months old in mint condition.
Includes all livestock and equipment. Live Rock is full of life, no Aiptasia or other baddies. The tank has never had any ill fish, no itch, no fungus, no copper ever used. There is some hair Algae present on areas of the rock.
I’m reluctantly selling up now due work commitments and lack of time to look after and enjoy this established, healthy reef tank.
The tank and all that goes with it has cost in excess of £2200.
Would prefer to sell as complete system. Collection only.

Purpose built Rimless Braceless tank, 12mm glass, no scratches,
31”L x 24”H x 20”W. Base cupboard in photo NOT included.
LED Intelligent luminaries, full spectrum, greens, blues, reds and whites, Cree LED’s with touch screen control and remote control hand set, with Lunar, Sun, Cloud and Custom modes for sunrise to sunset settings. LED Luminaire Suspended Wire System.
Jeboe WP25 wave maker including digital controller for different wave modes and light sensor.
TMC digital heater
Bubble Magnus Internal Skimmer (4 months old)
Additional highflo Powerhead
Eheim Eco Pro canister filter
Weirpro MX1019 temperature controller

Live stock
At least 2 Acropora crabs
Black Hermit Crabs x4
Turbo Snails x2
Sand Sifting Snails x4+
Red Linkia Starfish
Red Coco Worm x1
Feather Duster x1
Long Sine Sea Urchin x1
Sea Urchin x1
Pink Mini Maxi Anemone x1
Green Chromis Large x4
Indian Ocean Black Clown Fish pair x2
Bicolour Blenny x1
Cleaner Shrimp medium x1
Fire Shrimp x1

XXL Bush Coral
Med Bush Coral
Large Brown Bush Coral
Medium Green Mushrooms
XL Green Mushrooms
Lrg Zoa colony
XL Toadstool Leather
Lrg Bright Green Toadstool Leather
Medium Orange Plate Coral
Sml Zoas
Sml Blue Mushrooms
Sml RARE Pink Australian Zoas
Med Acans x3
Aquaroch Towers x3
Live Rock, approx 8kg
12Kg of live sand

Also included are Salifert test kits for Iodine, Calcium, Strontium, PH plus loads more along with various trace element additives and buffers. Plus, there’s a quarter full bucket of D&D H2Ocean salt.
£sensible offers

Please note:

All negotiations and questions must be posted in this sales thread and NOT by PM.

Communications may only be taken to PM once the sale and price has been agreed upon on the open forum and payment/collection details need to be given.
The agreement of the time and date of collection or postage, or confirmation that items have been posted should also be posted in the thread.
Please refrain from commenting unless you are interested in more details or are interested in buying.
If you suspect any foul play, please use the report button and the moderating team will deal with all reports.
We strongly suggest that you do not pay by Bank Transfer or as a PayPal Gift.


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