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Or, it could be written in html5 and then everyone wins! No need to submit to apple since it will effectively run has a mobile app in the browser.


I have 3 android phones upstairs,,,

they are all broken in one way or another, as a personal choice I choose apple.


I dropped my iPhone and all is good, Tracy knocked her bag on a door and shattered the s4 screen...

for me they just feel cheap, and I am not a snob,, I was so glad when [MENTION=11390]robb1977[/MENTION] got us iPhone 5's at work.


It seems to me people with android always replace there phone before it goes slow and breaks, for me I went apple as years on and going strong , my first android just melted and kept crashing .. Admittedly it was one of the first android smart phones , but I still have yet to find people with android phones over 2 years old ..

Hopefully they're better now, but until my apple breaks no need for me to consider changing ..


i buy sell mobiles phones also repair them the most i get in to be fixed are iphone 4 /4s i do on average 1-2 a day . broken screens dropped in water had one that had been in beer batter last week lol most android faults are due to apps installed get a anti virus on it like avg. avg has a built in tracker too. as for android being slow i found if you put a class 6 memory card in them it wont slow it down .


Originally Posted by Neil@coralworkshop
more people have android phones so the ones with iphones are in the minority

Apple loses more ground to Android with 3pc drop in market share | Mail Online.........

iOS crushes Android as shoppers' favorite platform

Breaking down those numbers by mobile platform, IBM reported that iOS devices accounted for more than 5 times the total sales of Android or over an 83 percent share of mobile-oriented sales (above), with 23 percent of all online sales occurring on an Apple mobile device versus just 4.6 percent on Android products.

That at so is probably why you repair more iOS phones???? Plus damaged screens and drop in water is not a fault f the phone.

so the app is for minority rather than majority ;)