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Reef Fest March 2nd/3rd Cain's Fundraising RAFFLE Tickets


Only had one game of killer on the pool table and cause I won that as well people didn't want to play anymore Hysterical

If your paying phil I'll certainly go !!!


Only had one game of killer on the pool table and cause I won that as well people didn't want to play anymore Hysterical

If your paying phil I'll certainly go !!!

You was on a role mate, no stopping you.. :taunt:

Thanks to all, was great making the name to face connection.
specail thanks to Phil for the hard effort and energy put in to making the weekend come together, good work mate :clap:


What a fantastic weekend. Raised loads-a-money for Cain, at present theres over £1700.00 to go to Cains fund, not including tsb raffle tickets, we have a few more bits to come in yet plus we have another group of anglers doing a fishing match next Sunday, so grand total will be in next Monday. Once Dave and myself get the grand totals it will be posted on here.

A Big Thank You to all those that attended and all those that entered the raffle.

A realy BIG THANK YOU to Dave (Hazey) and Simon (Bigguy) and not forgetting Simon's wife for their help and support before and during this event, Thanks guy's, this event would not have been posible without your help.

I'll leave it to the vote, but if you all want this to become a yearly event, supporting a good cause, then I'm up for it. I've not enjoyed myself so much in a long time and when its all in aid of such a great cause it just makes it feel that much better. The feeling that you get from doing something that can change a young lads life is amazing, Cain handles his disability so well, he's such a likeable little guy, full of beans and mischief, he's going to be one hell of a hand full once he gets to walk, I almost feel sorry for his mum & dad.

This money gets Cain's dream a little closer, I will not give up with this fund raising until I see Cain walk down our carpark.

And a Big Thanks To you and Your Family Fred errr Phil lol For a great Weekend and Both me and Wife would LIke to Say many Thanks To Everybody Who Donated and Help to Raise The Money
We are Both More than happy to help out With any Of these events
In The future :)
Simon And Tracy :)


I finally feel better after a little bit of a hangover this morning :whistling:.

Was a great day yesterday and an even better night, didn't get to back to the B&B til 1am ish.
Would like to thank everyone who made it possible and contributed to the event, here's to the next one when and where ever it maybe :clap:

It was all Julies fault Tom, introducing Desperado beer to me last night & the fact Nick, Adrian & Shaun finishing me off with jaegermeiser...


Well I enjoyed the Fest & the evening event albeit a little less hairier than I started the night off... Not telling the wife, she'll find out soon though...
Great to meet new faces & meet Cain & his family again.
I'll post the raffle winners very soon after my tea as I've only just got home.
I had the best laugh of the night and you all missed it, our lass driving my defender home, talk about crash gear box and the turning circle of an oil tanker.
If its wet and its there Dave will drink it. may help to cool his chest down. I think Dave should have a camera ready for when his wife see's his not so hairy chest.


Sounds like you all had a good time in the evening, shame I couldn't stay!

Big thanks to phil and the team for a great day (my little lads highlight was his hotdog, he said it was nicer than his McDonalds lol) and also Dave for being so organised!
Was a real tear jerker when Cain was presented with his new tank! Great gesture phil!!!

And I can't forget to say thanks for my prize in the raffle!!


Re: **Reef Festival March 2nd/3rd RAFFLE Tickets**

i was there and it was a really good weekend epically at the railway pub


Sorry I could not make it this time round but Im pleased such a large amount of money was raised and all enjoyed yourselves.

Well done all.