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Reef-Fest 2015


Staff member
Just Got home, sorry Dave missed you to say cheerio, and Scott, it was only on the way home I realised we'd met before, (age and memory don't mix too well)
I thought the whole thing was well organised and enjoyable, yes there was some very expensive corals but they were very stunning high end corals, there was also some '' what you would expect to pay corals'' and with the discount some quite cheap ones, The reps did a good job and weren't pushy which I liked, the D-D guy was particularly helpful with a small problem with my reactor and the chap promoting the bubble magus reactors was quick to tell me it wouldn't work for what I wanted it for instead of letting me get it home and find out for myself. You cant say fairer than that. The staff did a great job as did mark, he sorted me out a great deal on a 200g tub of algae flakes, and I picked up a few other bits n bobs. Stayed just long enough for Amanda not to get bored, in fact all she talked about on the way home was what SHE wants for the new tank, so can't be bad.
Oh and anybody that didn't pick up one of those pork pies,, well shame on you,, worth going just for a pie.


I was there on the Saturday, great to catch up with a few people I've not seen since last year.

Really enjoyed the time I was there plus the talk by the TMC rep, and the chat I had with the D+D rep.

I bought a maxspect gyre xf150, bucket of red sea coral pro, a jawfish, filefish, orange spot goby, a cleaner shrimp, a frag of purple monitpora, a bag of medium gravel, and a large pork pie.

Looking forward to next years wherever it maybe.


I thought it was brilliant, i find the prices good anyway but thought it was cheap considering the discounts. I came away with two corals and kh buffdr, Well done cockfields, i will definitely be returning, hopefully regularly.


i was under the impression form the initial posters that came out that cockfields had hyjacked reef fest this year, which i think is disgusting, and instantly made me not want to go. i heard some terrible things about this year and the only good things have been said regarding the reps and the work done by dave i hope next year can be somewhere else! and im sorry to say that after the things i heard i doubt i will be setting foot, or spending money at cockfields again.


I could not make it over the weekend to the reef fest but i did call in on Friday and have to say there was some high quality ozzy ultra sps pieces on show which with the discount offered to members made them a good deal IMHO. There is always a difference in price between retailers due to overheads and margins and if it is broken down its all determined by the importer.Like everybody i would have liked to have seen a lot more being available but thats not always possible.
Also compare the prices of some mail order outlets were its difficult to see the size and actual colour and condition of the pieces available and the LFS is by far the best option.