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Reef Fest 2015 Photo thread


Get all of your photos up of your weekend Reef Fest and also your purchases

A huge thank you to Mark & the staff at Cockfields for hosting Reef Fest 2015 & a special thank you to Mark for all the time & hard work in putting it on.

Thanks to all of the reps that attended & pleased to hear that you all seemed to enjoy it & thought it was worth while

Shame about the coffee urn that broke & kept tripping the electrics at 08:45 Saturday morning.

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The Charity Raffle prizes
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Stuart of TMC giving his talk/presentation on Reef to Retail
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The demonstration tube for the Abyzz pumps. I was very impressed with this pump and got to meet the designer, producer and founder of the company Abyzz, Alex who had made the trip over from Germany to be at Reef Fest.
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Reps Kev of Red Sea on the left then Craig & Mark of ATM & I spy Phil aka [MENTION=20055]McPikie[/MENTION] & Jason aka [MENTION=14353]woody5371[/MENTION]
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Mark of JnK
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Andy Lister of Seneye with yet another brew lol
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Mark & Jez of ITC Aquatics
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A great day on Saturday spent too much but hey its expected isn't it.

A great big well done to everyone for organising it fantastic effort, I appreciate how much time and effort something like this requires. Shame about the coffee but you'll never please everyone even if you give them a free 3 course meal, certainly didn't dampen my day.

Also to Mark, Darren and all the Cockfields staff who must have been run ragged all day on the coral bays and in the cafe. A special mention for the the human loud haller, what a voice, great stuff I looked forward to her announcements almost as much as the presentations

Brilliant day all round, big thumbs up from me, roll on next year :)
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