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Reef Fest 2015 Charity Raffle Winners


The raffle draw took place today just after 15:00hrs and all 5 tickets were drawn out by Hannah (staff member at Cockfields) in front of all the people in the shop.


There were 2 coloured tickets, yellow was on-line ticket sales (forums) and the blue tickets were the ones bought instore over the weekend.
Ticket sales were done across 15 facebook pages and 3 forums

1st prize Blue ticket 393 Ryan Stanton (TSB Stanton84) who was in attendance so was great to see him come forward for his prizes. Ryan is a member of our forum but is a reader not a poster he tells me. Ryan attended Reef Fest and bought his tickets today off myself.

2nd prize Blue ticet 189 bought instore on Saturday and that winner is non forum & is a guy called Nat Pearson of Marine Fish & corals (MFC) Facebook page. I have rang him & let him know he is a winner.

3rd prize Yellow ticket 303 bought online Friday by Ian Horncastle who is a member of another well known forum with a user name Ihmix

4th Prize Yellow ticket 34 bought last Sunday online by username Darren1988, a member of our forum but frequents another forum Daz4126 and Darren actually works at Cockfields

5th Prize Blue ticket 89 bought in store on Saturday morning 1st thing and that was by a guy called Mike who lives in Warrington & I have also rang him to tell him the good news.

A massive thank you for all of the support you have given Reef Fest 2015 and your donations to a very worthy cause that has touched every single one of us in some way.

The total amount raised was:- £1478


Here's to Reef Fest 2016:clap::clap:

A huge thank you to Hannah for helping me instore selling the raffle tickets, in fact she sold 75% of the instore tickets​

Regards Dave Worship


Well done to all the other winners. Was quite a shock as I never win anything lol.

Fantastic amount of money raised so well done all entrants and well done Hazey for organizing it all.
As said above, the money goes to a great cause.

Hope you all had a great weekend


Moderator & Jedi Master
Well done Dave. That's a fantastic amount to raise, for a great cause I know all the time and effort you put into this and you should be proud of yourself, as I'm sure your family and friends are,


Well done to everyone. And a massive massive thanks to Dave for all his hard work. This really is Daves baby and the amount of work he puts into it is fantastic. A massive thanks to Mark and Susan at Cockfields as well for all their efforts in making this happen.


A big thanks to all those who put this weekend together, really enjoyed visiting today.

Winning on the raffle topped it off, I was a little shocked as I never win anything!

I'm thrilled with my prize, not quite as thrilled as my daughter was to feed the goats though!

Again thanks for all the time and hard work you put in to make Reef Fest a success