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Reef-Fest 2014 Raffle winners


First of all, I would like to thank Cockfields for hosting Reef-Fest 2014. It far exceeded my expectations how well turned out it was. I started Reef-Fest last year & plan on making it an annual event for all marine hobbyists across all forums and whoever hosts the event chooses which charity benefits any monies raised during Reef-Fest....

I am pleased to announce the total money raised in the raffle was £1339 and that was all down to raffle ticket sales.
So The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Oldham Hospital will be getting a nice cheque for £1339.

I asked Mark (Cockfields Manager) why he chose this as his charity and it is because a close friend of his had a baby girl premature and had to stay in Oldham hospital for 6 months and due to the dedication of staff & their facilities the little girl made it.
What Mark is going to do is get a photograph of him handing over the cheque to representatives from the The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Oldham Hospital along with his friends daughter.

Without further adue, onto the raffle winners:

The draw took place this afternoon in front of all Cockfields customers and young Hannah who works at Cockfields drew the tickets.

1st prize: Was won by ticket number yellow 875 which was a local guy called Matthew Pilling who does not frequent forums, has a marine tank and is a Cockfields customer and happened to be visiting Saturday and bought some raffle tickets.
Matthew walks away with the following:

A Radion Gen 3
New Era Food Pack
4 Triton ICP Tests (£35 each)
Bucket D&D Salt
Red Sea Foundation Test Kit & 500ml each ABC Foundation Additives
£50 Cockfields Livestock Voucher.

2nd Prize: was won by ticket number yellow 624 which was UR forum member Craig640

Craig has won himself:-

A Custom Sump

Atlas Plastics will call round to your house and measuring where a sump may go, and designing a bespoke clear acrylic sump with the winner or making a sump to the winners design, with a value up to £450 (up to 4 foot in size)
Mick Oakes (forum username Micko)

Atlas Plastics & Fabrication Ltd

Unit 3
Princess Street Leigh
[email protected]
01942 606978

Bespoke Acrylic Fabrication
Tanks Sumps Reactors Etc
Design Installs

3rd Prize: Was won by ticket number yellow 58 Rockpoolie who is a member of this forum and others.
Keith came down from Hartlepool for the whole weekend and stayed for the raffle draw so it was nice to meet one of the winners in person & he loaded his Audi TT up with the following goodies:-

TMC Calcium Reactor, Gas Bottle and regulator
1 Bucket D&D Salt
3 Triton ICP Tests (£35 each)
1 Litre Rowaphos
500ml Red Sea Reef Energy A & B

4th Prize: was wo by ticket number white 287 which was Tweeny15 and he won:

Bubble Magnus Skimmer
Bucket D&D Salt
2 Triton ICP Tests (£35 each)
100ml Rowaphos

5th Prize was won by ticket number white 313 which was Whitey is a member on here but has zero posts but is a member of other forums. He won:

Seneye Monitoring Device
Bucket D&D Salt
1 ICP Test (worth£35)

6th Prize which was added on Saturday was won by ticket number yellow 396 which was UR member Meisuria who had travelled up from Ilford for the event. He won:

1kg tubs of Elos Calcium, Mag, Kh buffers
2 Triton ICP tests
1 Ecotech Fragging Kit

A huge thank you to all that bought raffle tickets. Just to note I never envisaged the fantastic response to the raffle tickets and had bought a 1000 book of tickets and when I had sold all of those tickets I bought another book, a white ticket book hence the draw showing Yellow & white tickets.

As I have said before, this Reef-Fest event was born last year so it is only the 2nd year for me organising it along with the shop and it was a big success last year but this year the numbers attending far exceeded last years and I am hoping next year will be even bigger.

I have been talking to the reps and members that attended the event and listening to them about improving for next year to make it even bigger and better so I will let you all know when & where for Reef-Fest 2015

I hope all that attended enjoyed themselves and got to meet fellow Sa;ty Box members aswell as other forum members and came away with some great buys.

Thanks again

Regards Dave Worship



Not just any sump Craig, a custom build where they come to your house and build you a bespoke sump......

Congratulations Craig Big Thumbs Up


Moderator & Jedi Master
Well done to all the winners, and to everyone who purchased tickets for such a worthy cause,:clap:


Yeah! I am so surprised, I never win anything.

Well done everyone for raising so much money. Good cause too.

Thanks to Hazey, Mark and everyone else who organised Reef Fest. Great job.