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Red Sea Reefer 170 - Back After A Few Years Away


Well after 3 years away from Marine finally decided it was time to get back up and running again.

Below is my spec which is due for delivery this Wednesday:

Red Sea Reefer 170 in White
AI Hydra 26 HD in White LED System
Aqua Medic DC Runner 3.1 Return Pump
Bubble Magus C3.5 Protein Skimmer
Bubble Magus Mini 70 Media Reactor
VorTech Quiet Drive QD MP10

Going for aquaroche as rock structure and planning using the Red Sea Mature Pro kit to get things started.

Hopefully tank will be getting filled with salty this weekend


Staff member
Hi and welcome back, a good line up of kit there,
Will be interested in how you get on with the bubble magus reactor, I had one and struggled to keep it from blocking up when running with Rowa,,fell out with it in the end.


Now setup and ready to be filled. Collecting water and aquaroche tomorrow.

Tank and stand appear to be very good quality, impressed so far.

tank photo.jpeg


Well it is now filled and structure setup.

Into Day 5 of my Red Sea Mature programme. Not much too look at but a couple of pictures wont hurt.


Tank CLose.jpeg



Looks really good, I like the scape, what are your plans for stocking it?

I am very happy with the scape.

Stock wise, definitely a couple of clown's but then after that not too sure yet. Don't want to overload the tank and want to concentrate on corals in the first instance.

Could anyone recommend what other smaller fish would be suitable? I'm thinking maybe a few chromis.


So into day 18 of the red sea mature programme and things aren't stacking up:

Nitrites 0 ppm
Amm 0 ppm
Nitrates 45 ppm!!
Phos 0 ppm

Something seems imbalanced here which may also be contributing to my bacterial bloom I have, the water is quiet cloudy.

I have been dosing the recommended dose of NOPOX but thinking of cutting it by 50% from todays dose to see if things settle down with the bacterial bloom a little.

Also considering putting some cheato in with a small light in the first chamber in the sump?

Is this the best course of action?? Looking for any advice please?


Staff member
never used NOPOX but assume it is carbon dosing or similar
if so you have used all the phos up and as such you cant remove any more nitrates via that method

hope that makes sense


Yes that makes perfect sense. I am going hold off the nopox for a couple of days and see if things improve with the phos level and cloudiness.