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Recommended Reading List


The bookmark list of my web browser associated with reefkeeping has become well populated with links to articles written by some of the well-known names in reefkeeping. I thought it might be a good idea to share this information with you.

I will populate my reading list gradually and will include a link to this page in my signature. This reading list builds on the previous version, which is now defunct. I cannot expand it because of a software constraint on the number of characters that can be added to a single post. Unlike the first version, this new version has three pages allocated to the citation list, which should give me plenty of scope for future expansion.

I hope that you can find my reading list useful. Happy reading everyone.

Trout's Recommended Reading List

Reef Chemistry

"How to Select a Calcium and Alkalinity Supplementation Scheme" by Randy-Holmes Farley

Reef Chemistry Articles by Randy-Holmes Farley and Craig Bingham

What is that Precipitate in My Reef Aquarium? by Randy Holmes-Farley

What is alkalinity? by Randy-Holmes-Farley


Limewater, Acetic Acid and Sand Clumping by Craig Bingham

D-D H2Ocean Pro+ Elemental Analysis by D-D

Aquarium Chemistry: Phosphate And Math: Yes You Need To Understand Both by Randy Holmes-Farley

Iron: A Look At Organisms Other Than Macroalgae by Randy Holmes-Farley

Reef Lighting

A Different Look at Lighting: Effects of Prolonged Photoperiod, Spectral Quality, and Light Dosage by Dana Riddle

Quantitative Comparison of Reef Aquarium Lighting Technologies: Metal Halide, T5 Fluorescent and LED by Dana Riddle

Lighting the Reef Aquarium - Spectrum or Intensity? by Dana Riddle

How to Make Corals Colorful, Part One: New Information, With Particular Attention to Blue-Green Fluorescent Pigments by Dana Riddle

How to Make Corals More Colorful, Part Two: New Information! Green Fluorescent Pigments, Pigment Clades, and Photoconversion from Green to Orange/Red by Dana Riddle

Coral Coloration, Part 3: Pigments Responsible for Yellow and Orange Coloration, With Notes on Photoconversion by Dana Riddle

How Much Light?! Analyses of Selected Shallow Water Invertebrates' Light Requirements by Dana Riddle

Photosynthesis/Irradiance (P/I) Curves and Why They Are Important to ReefKeepers by Dana Riddle and Andy Amussen

Facts of Light: Part IV Color Temperature by Sanjay Joshi

Sanjay's reef lighting guide by Sanjay Joshi

Coral Photoacclimation by Andrew Trevor-Jones

Equipment Review: Getting the Most from Your T-5 Lights: A Look at Reflectors and More by James W. Fatherree

Too Much Light! by Dana Riddle

Reef Keeping

Elemental Analysis of Skimmate: What Does a Protein Skimmer Actually Remove from Aquarium Water? by Ken S. Feldman

The Development of a Method for the Quantitative Evaluation of Protein Skimmer Performance by Ken S. Feldman, et. al.

Further Studies on Protein Skimmer Performance by Ken S. Feldman, Kelly M. Maers

Bacterial Counts in Reef Aquarium Water: Baseline Values and Modulation by Carbon Dosing, Protein Skimming, and Granular Activated Carbon Filtration by By Ken S. Feldman, Allison A. Place, Sanjay Joshi, Gary White

The Units of Measure of Reefkeeping by Randy Holmes-Farley

Vodka Dosing...Distilled! by Nathaniel A. Walton and Matt Bjornson

Reef Food by Eric Borneman

Keeping a Saltwater Aquarium by Hennie Landman

Deep Sand Beds by Ronald L. Shimek

Deep Sand Beds by Simon Garratt

The Infamous Detritivore by Ronald L. Shimek

An SPS Recipe for Success by Keith Berkelhamer

Marc's Hidden Treasure by Marc (Melevsreef.com- Everything you need to know from sump designs to reef photography)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sumps by Gregory S. Taylor

Measuring Salinity and Specific Gravity in your Aquarium by Stuart Bertram

Water flow is more important for corals than light. Part 1. Introduction to Gas Exchange by Jake Adams

Water flow is more important for corals than light. Part II: The science of corals and water flow by Jake Adams

Water flow is more important for corals, Part III by Jake Adams

Water Flow is More Important for Corals Than Light Part 4: Basics of Hydrodynamicsby Jake Adams

Water Flow is More Important for Corals Than Light, Part V by Jake Adams

Mything the Point: Part One by Eric Borneman

Mything the Point: Part Two by Eric Borneman

Old Tank Syndrome by Julian Sprung

Old Tank Syndrome by Mike Paletta
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Re: Trout's Recommended Reading List (V2)

Marine Fishes

Aquarium Fish: Deep Water Reef Fish Communities: Part I: A Survey of Deep Reef Fishes by Scott Michael

Aquarium Fish: Deepwater Reef Fish Communities: Part 2: A Survey of Deep Reef Fishes by Scott Michael

Anthias Imposters! - The Genus Pseudanthias, Part I by Henry C. Schults III

Anthias Imposters! - The Genus Pseudanthias, Part II
by Henry C. Schults III

Boldly Colored Beauties: The Tuka Anthias by Matt Wandell

Swallowing One Victim at a Time: The Genus Genicanthus by Henry C. Schults III

Aquarium Fish: Surgeonfishes, A.K.A. the Tangs by James W. Fatherree

Marine Invertebrates

The Coral Library

Coral Care Sheets

LPS Corals

Scolymia Showcase

Sea Urchins, A Testy Subject by Ronald L. Shimek

Elegance Corals: Sustainability and Disease Impacting Catalaphyllia Jardinei (Wells 1971) in the Aquarium Trade by Eric Borneman

Biosynthesis of 'essential' amino acids by scleractinian corals by Lisa M. Fitzgerald and Alina M. Szmant

Availability of two forms of dissolved nitrogen to the coral Pocillapora damicornis and its symbiotic zoxanthellae by O. Hoegh-Guldbergh and J. Williamson

Coral farming: the effects of Light, water motion and artificial foods by Zak H. Forsman, Bethany K. Kimokeo, Christopher E. Bird, Cynthoa L. Hunter and Robert J. Toonen

Coloration in Acropora nana by Eric Borneman

The Elusive Blue Tipped Acropora and the Last (but not the Final) Word on Coloration by Eric Borneman

Factors That Influence the Reproduction of Sea Cucumbers by Angela Mackey

Aquarium Invertebrates: Sea Stars -- Linckia spp. by Rob Toonen

Aquarium Invertebrates: Captive Husbandry Of Goniopora, Spp. With Remarks About The Similar Genus Alveopora By Julian Sprung

Effects of phosphate on growth and skeletal density in the scleractinian coral Acropora muricata: A controlled experimental approach by Jeremy G. Dunna, Paul W. Sammarcoa, Gary LaFleur Jr.

Aquarium Invertebrates: Featherdusters In The Aquarium By Julian Sprung

Aquarium Invertebrates: Doughnut, Cat's Eye, Knob, Beaker, Flat Brain, Or Modern Meat? A Review Of What Are Scolymia And Cynarina, With Comments On Their Relatives And Taxonomical Status by Julian Sprung

Bleaching and Tissue Loss in Corals - What's the Difference? by Eric Borneman

White Corals, Part II: Bleaching and Disease 'Look-Alikes' by Eric Borneman

White Corals, Part Iii: Coral Disease 'white Syndromes' by Eric Borneman

Tridacnid Clams and Other Mollusks

Tridacnid Clams in the Sea and the Aquarium by James Fatherree, ISBN: 0-9786194-0-4, 2006.

Giant Clams Provide Beauty and Benefits

Aquarium Invertebrates: A Look at the Hippopus Clams by James W. Fatherree

Identifying the Tridacnid Clams by James W. Fatherree

Aquarium Invertebrates: Tridacnid Clams (Usually) Don't Need to Be Fed in Aquaria by James W. Fatherree

A Close-up Look at Tridacna crocea by James W. Fatherree

A Look at "Mysterious Clam Deaths" by James W. Fatherree

Troubles with Tridacnids: a Look at Two Common Problems" by James W. Fatherree

Invertebrate Non-Column: Flame Scallops by Rob Toonen

Pinched Mantle Syndrome in Giant Clams by Dr. David Basti, Deborah Bouchard and Barry Neigut

Marine Algea

'Bubble' Algea: Selected Descriptions, Controls and Comments by Horge Cortes-Jorge Jr

A Warning Sign of Impending Caulerpa Sporulation by Gene Schwartz

Selected Threads from Forums

ATI vs Giesemann matrix (Ultimate Reef)

flow rate thru refugium (Reef Central)

actinics, how important (Ultimate Reef)

the great carbon thread (Reef Central)

Product Reviews

Product Review: Revisited Reviews, Part II: LiterMeter III Peristaltic Pump, IceCap Pendant, 150 Watt Ballast, and Iwasaki 150 Watt Bulb by Gregory Schiemer

Product Review: VorTech MP10 Propeller Pump by Dana Riddle

LED Lighting Tests: Radion, Orphek, Mvava, Ecoray and Ecoxotic by Sanjay Joshi

Aquarium Photography

Aquarium Photography: Five Tips for Better Images by Richard Aspinall