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Paul's Godiva 90x46x62


So waiting for my Phos Hanna checks, my H2Ocean reactor and my Rowaphos and calcium buffer powder to arrive.

I've also had some dramas with a new goby (see my other thread!) and my six line wrasse.

In this hobby you seem to go through it!!

Tank is looking good though, and the RBTA is really settling in. Also the little Royal Gramma is showing herself more and more each day. Let's see what the weekend brings!!


My Hanna Phos Checker arrived a couple of days ago and I tested my water twice. My phos is reading 0.49! That's high, and also a lot higher than the Salifert tests showed. I'm assuming the Hanna checker is more accurate. I did test it twice, with similar results.

I've had notification from Charterhouse that my order is being delivered today!

That is an H2Ocean Reactor and some Rowaphos. I also ordered some Seachem calcium buffer, based on my water tests consistently showing low calcium and magnesium. Now I find myself wondering if the tests were accurate based on the above!

I might try to source a hanna checker for calcium, just for consistency and ease.

I can't believe I have a reactor.. just a few weeks ago they sounded like some sort of black magic to me. :)


Major drama last night!

I got home and noticed that the clowns were behaving strangely.. sort of dancing / quivering in the corner of the tank. At first I wondered if they were spawning.

Something made me check my temperature controller, and it was just flashing.. and it was wet! Fried inside no doubt.

I put a glass thermometer in (and immediately noticed that the water felt... warm!). It read 32 degrees. !!!

So off with the heater, and in with all the ice packs we had. 4 hours later the temp had only come down to 30.. This morning it was down to 26. I have another heater in there, with just manual temperature control. I have ordered an STC1000, but it's an anxious wait.

I hope no permanent damage has been done. Everyone seems alive.

In the midst of all this last night, my RBTA (which I noticed had split at the weekend while doing some maintenance) decided that part of it wanted to move... So it seems I now have 3 anemones.. although only one wanted to move.

I got a rock from the sump and placed it in the corner of my tank, away from corals. I gently massaged the foot of the rogue anemone and when he came off the back wall I put him by the new rock. He attached quite quickly. However this morning he had travelled quite a way, back to the back wall. I've never seen anything like this before. I hope it settles without tramping over my zoas and and palys. And also that he goes somewhere I can easily remove him so I can move it on. I don't need 3!!

On the plus side my reactor seems to be working well, and my phos is coming down.


Sounds like you've been lucky on the temp front lucky you caught it in time hope no long term effects , from what I've read rbta will split with temp fluctuations , have you thought of taking it to lfs for store credit or a swap for something else ask them first before taking it though , stc 1000 great piece of kit just make sure it has plastic sensor don't use the metal one most seem to come with , you can get plastic ones off ebay


Thanks [MENTION=23241]nodster[/MENTION]. Would you say that 32 degrees is "in time"? At what point is it dangerous? I suppose it depends on livestock.

Yes I will try that.. or put it up for swaps on here. I'm in no rush to part with them, so as and when something interesting comes up. There aren't too many reefers in my area.

Regarding the plastic probe. I have tried to contact the seller to ask if it is metal or plastic. However I haven't been able to find anything like a plastic temperature probe on the bay. Any chance you could send me a link to something? Can the metal one be used even for a day or 2?


I realise I haven't updated this for ages.
This more or less marks 12 months into my tank. I've learned a lot and am now in the midst of planning an upgrade.

This tank will be closed down shortly!

When I first joined this forum for advice I was lookng at a 94L Kent marine, The advice was to go bigger - fill the space! I only partly listened. So I went bigger to about 280L.. My spoace is just over 5 foot.. so now I am having a five foot tank custom built, along with a sump. I have had a steel frame built separately and cladding it myself.

Thanks to all for the help I received here.


(oh... and what happened to [MENTION=21065]leopardshark[/MENTION]??)