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Paul Tyson blog


Moderator & Jedi Master
You can add me to list Paul, the first blog I have read ,and will follow,Big Thumbs Up Pete


Thanks everyone, cant believe how popular it is, its quite humbling. If you do want to follow go to the link that Gorden posted and then click on the follow button, you enter your e-mail and will get an update each time.

Look out for a video next, although it might take me a month for it to upload at 0.5mbs upload speed!


I have subscribed already and get the email updates.

Paul - I expect a new blog post to greet me in the morning :)

My eldest just started primary school and one of the letters we got recently was about the school trips for this year. One of the senior years are going to the World museum in Liverpool !!!


Also following, up and downs come to us all. was a big step moving away for two years, that's if you come back, takes time to adjust to new life, hope kids settle soon