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Noobs Proposed 600 Litre Fowlr


Hi Guys.
I spent a lot of time reading the internet and gaining in knowledge at the start of the year. I had every intention of setting up a Reefer 250, but the build costs and evrything else scared me right off.

Now, some months later, I have decided that I miss my fishkeeping way to much - been tankless since Feb after 30 plus years of keeping a range of different FW Trops.

A bit more research leads me into the FOWLR idea, and I think thats what Im going to do.

Looking at a 48x30x24 ND Marine tank and cab, as last 600 litre came from them and was fine.

Have no real idea on hardware after that tbh, really like the Nyos Skimmers, but open to all suggestions on HW/Lighting/Filtration etc ect

Stockwise, I really like the Anthias/Wrasse/Goby/Blenny, want a flame Angel and pair of clowns, but very open to suggestions.....

Hope this is in the right place....


Staff member
Nyos, Deltec, bubble magus to name a couple of other possible options are all good skimmers, you’ll not go far wrong with any of them.


My thoughts fwiw - Lights-wise, consider at the beginning if you are ever going to add corals and then spend a bit more on them; eco-tech and AI products allow sufficient changes for fish colours to pop and future coral additions.
Use Heaters with a controller for stability.
Live rock rubble or one of the newer porous media types in the sump with your skimmer and heaters.
Macro algae helps my FOWLR tank.
Lower salinity than reef tanks helps fish with health.
Don’t skimp on salt quality either.
Stocking - consider a wow fish like a harlequin tusk, blue throat trigger or a few firefish - more than one flame angel are really nice, I have had two in my FOWLR for 2.5yrs.


Thanks for the reply.

Lighting wise, Id always go for LED , prob somehting used off the bay, but suitable for corals.

Not a fan of firefish, but that Harlequin is nice-they get chunky tho dont they ?

Flame is almost a given, and I d like coral beauts - are they compatable ?

Heaters with controllers ? IE stc1000 type controller ?


Staff member
The original post has such a wide topic, the first piece of advice is that if you do go fish only get a decent skimmer rated at above the tank size,personally I swear by Deltec and they have just brought out a new range that a mate has and has taken out so much gunk compared to his old skimmer even in the first 2 weeks of use
Secondly may I congratulate you on trying something different , most FOWLR's I have seen are either big tangs/angelfish or predator tanks. It will be unusual to see a big fowlr filled with shoals of the smaller end of fish ( wrasse, anthias , gobys etc ) the mix of colours will look stunning

Good luck


DOH!! Forgot skimmer mention!
Harlequins do get largish (10”) but are mostly placid with fish - inverts can be a problem.
Coral beauty and flame angels might be ok together if you have a lot of rock work for hiding in. Someone else may have experience of this and I don’t want to give duff advice - I put my two flames in at the same time as two regal angels and a rock beauty in a tank similar in size to yours; ok so far....
Yes on the heater controller, STC 1000/ATC 800+ or equivalent but if you don’t like messing with wires AquaMedic make a good one.