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Nitrate And Phosphate

Discussion in 'Help and Advice' started by damo666, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. damo666

    damo666 Registered

    Dec 20, 2016
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    I noticed my bicolour blenny flicking quite vigorously over the last few days, but couldn't see anything on it. Watching for a while a couple of other fish are, but infrequently. Don't like medications, so tested all parameters (twice). I was mainly looking for ammonia or nitrite. What surprised me was the lack of any detectable nitrate or phosphate. I haven't really had to clean the tank glass at all, and after 3 months of being set up the rock work is just beginning to show signs of a green tinge. However, my refugium is growing chaeto and all manner of other algae at a fast rate. Within 2 days of putting a clean sock in I have long black stringy algae coming off it. The sump itself is covered in a bright green algae full of bubbles that I presume is photosynthesis. Is it possible that my refugium is using up all nitrate and phosphate as it's produced? Obviously I understand that's the idea of having one but my understanding is that soft corals require both nitrate and phosphate to produce protein etc?? If I need to raise the levels of these is it best to dose phosphate and nitrate or just reduce the time of the refugium lighting? Currently 12 hrs on a reverse cycle.
    On the note of the blenny I'm treating now for ich.
    Thanks IMG_20181228_094505.jpg IMG_20181228_094519.jpg
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