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Next Liverpool World Museum Aquarium Meet and Behind Scenes Tour


Hi mate, sorry to hear this, a real shame, but I hope the op goes well and its nothing too series.

As for the other things the yes on all counts, and a big mini colony would be better than frags at this stage I think.

Thanks mate, its really appreciated.

And of course you're welcome anytime if you wanted to poo in and see the developments.


loved last years visit, I won't be there this time though, at least someone else will get to take my place,

really worth going, and fantastic of paul for putting in the effort to arrange things like this.

hope everyone enjoys the day :D


Little bump, dont forget this is potentially the last opportunity ever to see the aquarium behind the scenes.


or she ...

are they going to recruit early Paul so that you can pass on your experience of what happens the five days a month your in ? :p
Be bloody criminal if they replace you with someone not interested in corals.

Still surprised they not holding your post open, the knowledge you could bring back would surely be beneficial to the museum - promote yourself as a modern day Indiana Jones of the reefing world ... ok just get a hat and wear it round the museum then ...


I found the thread at last :clap:

If we're not too late can you add Tracey and I to the list? Couldn't think of a better birthday treat for me than another look around :)


One last little push for this, not too late to put your name down.

Can you also let me know if you're intending to come for a drink afterwards so I can see if its worth reserving a room somewhere,

Just to let you know as the numbers are a little limited I am planning quite an informal affair, just an open door to the aquarium and behind the scenes. Im not doing a talk or anything but hopefully this will give more chance for me to actually mingle and meet people and answer any questions you may have.

Just to let you know, please make sure you are at the aquarium entrance for 4.30. The museum kicks out at 5pm and if you are not within the aquarium room at that point you will be kicked out of the museum with the rest of the public. So please find the aquarium floor at 4.30.

You should wait by the circular tank at the top of the stairs.

We will then clear the aquarium just before 4.30 and then let salty box members only in. If you are in the aquarium before 4.30 you will be asked to leave along with everyone else and then we will re-admit you.

I will have a list of attendees so you need to make sure your name is on the list on the first post of this thread.

PLEASE if you are bringing frags for which we are very grateful, bring them at 4.30 and not before, Ill be busy tidying, cleaning and making things look pretty in the hours up to 4.30, and also I wont be around until around 1-2pm anyway.

Anyway I look forward to meeting you all and hopefully enjoying a pint.


Hi All,

Sorry I forgot to mention I wont be able to provide free parking in our staff car park. There are plenty of Pay and display options very close to the museum but unfortunately Ive not been able to secure our car park.


Like I said there really is a lot of parking within a few hundred yards so shouldnt be a problem


I'm really looking forward to coming to this meet, I may also have a question about nudibranches when I'm there if anyones well up on them!


i am goin to have to back out my better half has organised a family party for her mum and dads birthday
was really looking forward to it


Just a little reminder for this weekend, you must be at the aquarium floor for 4.30, otherwise you may not get in. And if you arrive at the museum after 4.45pm you will not get in the building. Without incurring costs there is nothing I can do about this.