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Next Liverpool World Museum Aquarium Meet and Behind Scenes Tour


Right, finally its about time I organised a new meet at the World Museum.

When- 3rd May. 4.30pm - 6.30pm (drinks afterwards)
Where - Liverpool World Museum - L3 8EN
What - Exclusive Access to the museum aquarium, behind the scenes, open access to all off show areas, first look at at new coral research system, new LED lighting etc. Chance to meet some fellow reefers and put faces to names. Depending on interest I may try and attract some trade interest. And, also depending on numbers I may do a talk again if people are interested, but I have very pushed for time so its quite an informal affair this time round.
Im also pleased to say that Ian from Fish no Chips will be on hand to answer questions about the installation of our New Coral Research facility.
Who - Anyone, please add you name to the thread ad Ill update the list on the front page. We have a maximum of 150 places so I imagine we will be fine.
What happens at 6.30? - We get kicked out of the museum and head to a pub, who knows what happens after that!!!! If you think you'll be up for drinks afterwards please say and Ill try and arrange a room in a local pub just for us if there is enough interest.
Do I need to bring anything - No, but we are still looking for coral frags (hard and soft) if you wish to donate anything. In particular we are after any acropora, stylophora and hystrix. Please could you indicate if you are able/willing to donate something and what it is you will be bringing so I can ensure enough tank space etc.

So, put your name down and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Also, let me know if you will require parking and Ill try and sort out free parking for Salty Box members. Free parking is very limited and will be first come first served.

Please please please don't put your name down and then simply not turn up, just be polite and let me know if you cant make it

1. Galvanised
2. Turner
3. Toby - Littleocean
4. Nigel K
5. Austinnrg
6. Blowfish
7. Ace8664
8. Robthekop
9 & 10. Halteadmark +1
11. Sherlock
12. Russel2402 + 1(Mandy)
13. Silverfox
14. Wkil +1
15. Jonsey09
16. mo_bhaiyat
17 & 18. Superneedypets + 1
19. Captainkeefy
20. MikP
21 & 22 Tiler + 1
23 & 24. Moom +1
25, 26, 27. Birdie + 2
28. Warby
29 & 30. Andi +1
31 & 32 - Whipitup and much better half!
33. Hydrolife
34. Sean1984
35. Moom
37. Eaval
38. Piggybank82
39 & 40 Funkoid + 1
41 Combatwombat (Mitch)

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Mayor Of London
I'm unfortunately busy that weekend but I would recommend anyone to get there name down. The one last summer was fascinating and a laugh :)


Put my name down. I'll be working in the morning but finished at about 1pm so it will give me plenty of time to get there. Think I'll get the train & stay for a few beers.


I'll go if Dave doesn't ;-)

Seriously tho I shall def be attending short of an all expenses paid surprise holiday getting the way .... So yeh put me down

Will be good to see all the improvements since last time


Right, I aint going now then Toby :w00t:

Nah, unfortunately I am unable to attend this due to working all weekend but Paul already knows this as I spoke to him when he was planning the dates.


Right, I aint going now then Toby :w00t:

Nah, unfortunately I am unable to attend this due to working all weekend but Paul already knows this as I spoke to him when he was planning the dates.

Yeh I already spoke to him about planning it so we have the minimum amount of Dave's ;-)


Cant believe we dont have more interest. It was great fun last time and we will have lots of new stuff for people to see.


Myself and Simon will try to make it as we had such a good time working around Liverpool at 5 in the morning LOL before getting to the hotel and waking up 15min before the train left LOL