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newbe here, Going marine in a juwel lido 200!


hi fellow fish keepers, I am sarah. :-d

I made the decision that some people would think is crazy to go marine in my Juwel lido 200.:clap: I have maintain marine fish tanks before, quite successfully but never set one up from scratch before. really excited to experience and build upon my marine knowledge.

I am starting my tank with dried reef rock, I know the pros and cons and made my decision that best suits me. I am currently a student veterinary nurse, and that for me at the moment means being in practice 5 days a week, but also working two days a week to pay the bills. Basically if it takes me 6 months to cycle the tank I don't mind I am in no rush, but of course I wish the tank would look lovely now.

The biggest thing that confusing me is led lighting, my biggest issue is that the lighting must fit inside the hood of the Juwel lido 200 because I keep a few parrots and my experience with open top tanks normally result in my feather friends needing to be saved from the evil water. :lol: any suggestion would be greatly received.



Hi Sarah, and a warm welcome to the forum.
Just post up in help and advice,as sure other members have that tank.


Hi Sarah, you first need to decide if your going fowlr (fish only with live rock) or are you wanting to keep corals too? once you've decided this you can then think about the light situation as the lighting aspect is far more important for keeping corals but with fish it is not nearly as important...good luck


Hi. I have a jewel lido 120 running as a full reef system. I too was looking for a led upgrade from the standard Juwel marine blue and white t5 tubes. I have been running on standard t5 lamps for over 3.5 years. I bought the Arcadia led t5 tubes that fit directly into the lighting unit of the Juwel I.e just change them like you would a lamp. Bought one white and a marine blue. They have been running for 4 weeks now and the light output and colour is great. They are about £30 each but as a straight swap out cheaper than going for something bespoke or that doesn't fit. I run a sump system via an overflow box.

If you have any questions about my lido that may help set up your tank let me know as I have managed to do it after much research before I set mine up nearly 4 years ago.

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Welcome :jump:

You could try TMC Aquaray Aquabeam (LED Strip Lights or even perhaps an aquabeam tile?), I have 4x lights secured with cable ties to my lid, which you could also do on your system. These lights are sealed units so can survive being close to the water and also the evaporation that can/will occur.

Examples on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_...eam+.TRS0&_nkw=tmc+aquaray+aquabeam+&_sacat=0

I have my lights running through a multi controller, which allows you to play around with intensity and times.

Good luck :)