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New Template/style/feel


Hi all,

Well today I have paid for our new template, style and I have given the job to PixelExit and you can see some of there previous work HERE.

They are creating a new theme from scratch and as soon as I receive the first look I will post up a few screenshots for all to pass comments on and ideas.

This theme is not cheap its costing me a bloody packet so I hope members appreciate what I'm trying to do here and that's build a marine forum for all to enjoy and everyone to have a say in Salty Box.

As soon as I have more details I will post back.



Here are two links to past marine forums they have done but these was carried out a few years ago and development has gone on leaps and bounds since then.

Site One
Site Two


Personally I like link one its full width, clean, easy to read and looks ok. I will try and get our current logo added so as not to loose Salty Box image as everyone knows the logo.

Any comments would be most grateful in what would you like to see?


Ok today I have received the first draft of the new look, comments welcome and I'll post mine below...



Can I have some feedback from anyone, need comments to feed back good or bad.

Looking at changing the rear picture to an actual pic of the marine/reef environment just to see if it helps.


Our latest look.

The header pic has been changed to reflect the reef and the forum has been increased in width to 98%

What do you think?

May add another pic to the lower half and not use the cartoon look.



I still don't know whats needed because to tell you what I could of paid $30 for a basic template and created the above for free so in my mind for the money being asked I have no bloody idea what is needed to create a template that's unique and says SB for the money the above company wants.

So hence the help and pointers needed.

Anyway, my misses says its crap and bland.

I'm lost now, shame I didn't have the old template from VB.


Staff member
Don't really know what else you can do other than that, the old forum had bubbles which was ok but not earth shattering
The one above has a reef and is blue, it says all it has to say I think.