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New Tank Changeover


Right guys. Just bought an Aqua one 300 that was fully set up and running an hour ago. Now, capacity is 350 ltrs. Mine is 180ltrs. I've got 90ltrs of fresh water going at home. Took 100trs plus 30 kg live rock with the new tank, 3 Kenya trees. I don't want to cause any shock to my fish/corals during the change over tomorrow. I'm planning to drop a heater and small circulation pump in with the live rock to keep that going until tomorrow so I have a full day to sort things. Any tips/advice welcome as I'm unsure how to acclimatize the fish with such a big volume of water changing, and not sure wether to use the 100 ltrs I've brought home with the tank. Also, there's a tonne of bubble algae on the rock, what's the best way of removing it before it goes into the new set up? Thanks


In the past when I've done a tank change over I kept some of the old water transferred that to the new tank, topped up with salted RO added the LR etc etc and brought up temps to match the old tank.

It was all done in one day and with the temps and salinity the same moving stock from the old tank to the new wasn't a massive shock.

I would not use the water from the new tank you don't know if it harbours some nasty's but use what you have and make more.

I would........

Make salted RO.
Add new sand to the new tank.
Move LR to new tank.
Add heater and a pump to move water around.
Add new salted RO to new tank and let it settle.

Once that's done and your ready move some of your old tank RO to the new tank to top it off and once that's up to temp and salinity matches the old tank of yours you can move the stock across from the old to the new tank.

Once all that's done the remaining water and sand in the old tank can be dumped and the tank dismantled.

Just make a note of what you want to do and do it in steps and leave the move of stock to last.


All went great thanks, everything seems to be settling in nicely. Bought a new TMC skimmer today. Tank came with fluval reef light, the older type that only switches manually which is frustrating. So, I'm looking at upgrading to 2 x Vipaspectra 165w reef lights. Any thoughts? Thanks


Realist, do you know about the tmc iLuminere 900 at all.?
Only problem I'm having on the tank is noise. On the durso pipe there's a hole on the top, 4mm, sucking in air, very noisy. Doesn't seem do alter flow or anything if I put my finger over it. Don't know wether to tape it up or drill it to make it bigger. The other noise is water splashing on the elbow at the bottom of the pipe. Thinking of putting some very coarse foam in there to break the splashing, cleaning it regularly.


I would post a message in the help section and ask those that have the same tank.

Not had that system.

But I run a durso and mines quiet as a mouse, it took me an age to set it up so it runs quiet.


replied to your post re the noise.

id also look to add something like atm colony just incase as you have disturbed alot of stuff.