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New member hello


Hello People.

The names Mat, a new member here but not to marines, started around 15 yrs ago but a divorce put paid to that, now I'm living on my own I thought it was time to rekindle my love for salty water.
Currently cycling a 5x2 and a little over three weeks in, jeez things have changed since the last time where a lot was by trial and error, have spent many hours researching but I guess there will always be questions to ask if they cant be found.
I live in Newport south wales, 46 yrs young and at present sitting on my hands waiting for the levels to be right so I can start spending money usually allocated for something else.

As said above, tank is 5x2
Aqua medic sump
curve 7 skimmer
bubble magus phos reactor
vecton 400 uv
Aqualumi series 2 6x 80w
various wave makers
Tmc sediment filter

40kg of sand along with 10kg of live sand added and approx. 30kg of live rock as I'm not creating a reef wall more as three separate stacks with a lot of open tank space.
Fish stock will be low as I'm concentrating more on the coral.

As ive alreadt said im a good 10 to 15 yrs out of practice so a lot to catch up on.


Hi & a warm welcome to TSB Matt. Nice size tank your going for.

We are now spoilt for choice with the amount of equipment available for us and RO units. Not an undergravel filter in sight :taunt:

Regards Dave