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New member, converting fluval lido 200 to marine


well I suppose first thing first, Hi my name is Jane and as title suggest I am converting my tropical tank into marine. I have been a tropical fish keeper for 7 years and I also maintain the marine system where I used to work for a year. It was doing the work with the marine system that gave me the bug, and have been itching to have my own system. I am in no rush as being a veterinary nursing student I am very busy with my nose in a book or am working.

Guessing your bored about hearing about me an want to know what i plan to do with my marine conversion.

Plan is to
  • buy in dried reef rock, yes I know the pro and cons to doing it this way, sadly money is a big factor when asking my partner to let me change our tank to marine.
  • Rehome current fish to a lovely friend of my and move tank to new position, as my setup I want is to view the tank from 3 sides not the current view from the front only.
  • Take forever to scape rock in tank to get it perfect, because once water in i don't plan to move it again.
  • Buy skimmer, i am currently thinking a Tunze 9004
  • Replace T5 tropical bulb to marine, not sure which though I do want corals so any suggestion here would be great, thanks.
  • Buy substrate debating between 3mm and 5mm coral substrate. oh and buy new gravel syphon as i am fully planted right now and don't need one.
  • Fill with water and begin the run of daily water testing.
  • For water movement I will be using my FX6 empty to minimise the effect of nitrate build up, and the system can be easily be flushed with it flush valve each week.

Still debating on livestock, but like I said in no rush. I imagine knowing me it will be at least 3 months before there even salt water in the tank, but thought this would be great way to record the journey and get some excellent advice and opinion from way more experience marine fish keepers.