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New Master Reef Test Kit From Colombo

Discussion in 'Colombo' started by Colombo, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. Colombo

    Colombo Registered

  2. Scott

    Scott Registered

    How much are these?
  3. Colombo

    Colombo Registered

    Hi the RRP is £42.99.
  4. Phil077

    Phil077 Registered

    Would have been nice to hear any feedback from this product :)
  5. Scott

    Scott Registered

    Are they the same standard as salifert?
  6. warby

    warby Registered

    someone on here tested them and got good results same as the kit they used. was it [MENTION=16451]Bluez_01[/MENTION] ?

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  7. Bluez_01

    Bluez_01 Registered

    Nope not me, I tested the doser, and have to say it works a treat btw... lol
  8. warby

    warby Registered

    ahhh just looked and it was [MENTION=14712]Eaval[/MENTION] who tested them maybe he can give some comments?

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  9. diver 807

    diver 807 Registered

    I did as well good stuff,I like the Coral Vits so did the corals.test kits easy to red.
  10. diver 807

    diver 807 Registered

    I did as well good stuff,I like the Coral Vits so did the corals.test kits easy to read.
  11. Andi

    Andi Registered

    Where are they available? I've probably been walking around with my eyes shut!

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  12. Phil077

    Phil077 Registered

    I Am going to stick with Salifert, best for me :)
  13. Eaval

    Eaval Registered

    I tested these as individual kits.

    Really really really like the alk test kit. Being slightly colourblind means most alk tests I struggle to read but the colombo is really good for me.

    Calc and mag were very similar to salifert which is praise enough.

    Only ones I wasnt a fan of were the phos and nitrate. Take far too long for results. 10mins and 20mins I think.

    Having them all in one container is a great idea. Only thing I liked about the JBL kits ... pity the kits were pants IMO
  14. Eaval

    Eaval Registered

    Five test kits and a case for 43 quid is a good price imo
  15. Scott

    Scott Registered

    Where are they available to buy
  16. diver 807

    diver 807 Registered

    maidenhead aquatics down here so I am sure the mainland stores stock them
  17. CEECH

    CEECH Registered

    I have also seen them on the bay

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