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NEW Intelligent LED for LPS or FOT


TRIPLEH TS Programmable LED for planted tank
(UK) TRIPLEH TS Series Programmable LED for Marine Reef Aquarium - Hinterfeld -Professional Aquarium supplier

This LED featured with a programmable chips with its 10W LED chips and brightener LED on the size, will brings out the colour of your plants and fishes in your aquarium. Quiet operation as no fans required for cooling. The power of the light provide you the ability to grow LPS or FOT. Our price in shop are shipping fee included, and we gaurantee there won't be import tax for these items to UK address, since all tax (if any) will be charged to us instead of the buyers with our shipping method.


- Build-in clock and Programmable (Daylight, Auto, Aurora and Manual 4 modes)
- Slim no fan design, quiet operation
- High light intensity to grow any plants in bigger tank
- Extendable stand
- Hanging kits are included

Daylight Mode: Simply set the turn on time and turn off time, and it will simulate the sun in one whole day during the time period (shown in the graph).

Auto Mode: Two channels can be set separately(Channel A - colour LED on both sides and Channel B - 10W COBs), First set time for Channel A to turn on and change to night mode, and turn off (can adjust light intensity during the period), then set the time for Channel B to turn on and off at the light intensity required.

Aurora Mode: Simulate natural aurora

TS-1, colour LED 1W x 24ps + 10W COB x2pcs = total 44W (designed for 2 feet tank, can stratch to less than 3 feet)
TS-2, colour LED 1W x 36pcs + 10W COB x 3pcs = total 66W (designed for 3 feet tank, can stratch to less than 4 feet)
TS-3, colour LED 1W x 48pcs + 10W COB x 4pcs = total 88W (designed for 4 feet tank, can stratch to less than 5 feet)
TS-4, colour LED 1W x 60pcs + 10W COB x 5pcs = total 110W (designed for 5 feet tank, can stratch to less than 6 feet)


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