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Negative Leakage, Meaning That There

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by MEDOO, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. MEDOO

    MEDOO Registered

    Jun 26, 2022
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    You must know that not all leaks are the same, but differ in terms of the location of the leak, its danger and the quality of the leak. The leaks in the drainage networks are not leaks in the water networks and their appearance or not as well. However, technicians have two types of common leaks in the Kingdom, and every leak detection company in Riyadh has special techniques in Determine the quality of the leak, but usually there are two types of leaks, namely:
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    1- (Positive leakage) i.e. the presence of water leaks after conducting a water leak detection process
    It is a dangerous leak that occurs due to faulty water pipes. It may occur in drainage pipes and pipes in some rare cases, and it leads to its explosion (formation) inside the walls and certainly causes corrosion to the rest of the pipes as a result of the oxidation process, which causes water leaks and penetrates to walls and ceilings, and here lies the total danger, and it always occurs as a result of pressure Or the quality of the used and adulterated pipes, and here you need to change some things and do some maintenance work.

    2- Negative leakage, meaning that there are no internal leaks in the walls with walls
    It is a leak that is related to neglecting the periodic maintenance of water taps and not paying attention to them in terms of changing the sleeves and skins of the internal water faucet. Leakage is usually the lack of adequate insulation for the upper floors of the house or in an external condition, which is usually the result of a lack of interest in emptying the ceilings from rainwater.

    After calling the best leak detection company in Riyadh, do we really need cracking?
    Certainly not, do not worry at all about this, because the electronic devices used to detect leaks in our company take care of this completely without the trouble of cracking the techniques used, such as gas pressure technology in water pipes after closing the main water network in the house, building, company, or measuring sound frequencies and other things. The ways we will discuss beforehand.
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