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My Tank


hi all not been on for some time what with working.
can not seem to see my tank thread now. hope it is still on some were lol.


Staff member
A lot of the Moderators tools have disappeared currently and a lot of the archived posts have been deleted , what was the title of your tank thread and I will have a search.



As you can see @doug_amanda has found it :aaaaa:and a nice tank it is too. You can copy and paste it into your signature box, so that you and others can click away whenever we see any of your posts :)

My link was missing/did not work, but @Realist sorted it for me (before he left for pastures new). If the mods don't have the tools maybe you could speak to the 'Grand Fromage' (big cheese), @Brent W so that they get the tools, or so that he can help you himself (or at least point you in the right direction) :)