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My Rsm 250


Hi everyone,
I got my RSM 250 about 5 weeks ago now, i have upgraded from a kent marine bio reef 94l so loving having more space to do things to, I am yet to do any real modifications, I have how ever cut the cage off the cooling fans that i see on the mod page on here and seems to work great, I do also run 2 heaters set up on a Stc1000 temperature controller and i have the cooling fans set up to that so if it gets too hot the heaters cut out and the fans kick in. I am waiting for my new skimmer to arrive i have gone for the deltec mc500 as i have read a lot of good things about it in this tank.... I have a seneye reef+ i am waiting for my linx 8 windows tablet to arrive and then i can have it running constantly with out having to pay the huge price for the seneye web server. My current lighting is T5's white, blue, purple, white, purple, blue, i do eventually plan on upgrading to leds i'm just trying to 1. find the right ones for me and 2. decide if i want to keep the hood or not.
I have a TMC Reef-Tide 10000lph power head with controller but i can not for the life on me get it positioned correctly at the moment on the lowest setting it is pointed towards the top of the tank for the wave effect but blows my sand everywhere ( any help or guidance on this matter would be amazing).

I will upload pictures of my tank once i have finished scaping it as not 100% happy with it just yet