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My Little Slice Of LPS Heaven

Boxing Shrimp


Thought i'd start another one of these tank thread things
hopefully it'll stop me clogging up the photography section with constant photos

Anyway here's the spec (very basic really)

Tank size is 54"longx18"highx18"wide

I had it made at a cost of £215

Filtration is a simple Fluval Fx5

useing a mix of media's, sponge's, rowaphos etc

Skimmer is a simple deltec mce 600

with impeller modifications to produce more skimmate

Aqua medic auto top up

Combination of tunze nano's and mj1200's are used for flow

Lighting is by way of a arcardia series 3 twin 250 halide pendant

Running 20k bulbs standard actinics

Led moonlights for night time vision (cheapo's off ebay but look great)

The tank was set up in june this year so makes it 5 months old

and i have to say by june next year it should be about finished

The tank consists of mainly lps and a few zoas and mushrooms

this is the way i think it will stay for now, untill i decide to go full lps

Fish livestock

2 x Black and white percula clownfish

1 x Regal tang

1 x Tomini tang (Goldrush tang)

1 x Marine Betta (Comet)

1 x Mystery wrasse

1 x Leopard Wrasse

1 x Midas Blenny

1 x Orange spotted shrimp goby

1 x Citron Goby

Coral livestock

Acan echinata
Acan lordhowensis
Acan Bowerbanki
Micromussa white eyed monster
Gonastrea Australis
Cyanaria Australensis
Deep branching lobo?
Various favia's
Montastrea Valliensis
Pavona maldivensis orange (just a small frag atm)if anyone has this coral for sale i'm interested in buying it thx.
Trachy's, Red,Blue,Green
Firework nem,white/Green tipped bubble nem
+ Various zoas and shrooms

Clean up crew
1 x pair Boxing shrimps
1 x boxing shrimp
4 x Cleaner shrimps
Blue legs,red legs etc etc..

Right i suppose a few pics are in order

I'll apologise for the poor photography in advance
I know i need a better camera ,but i carnt stop spending all my cash on corals instead of saving up to get a new one

Boxing Shrimp

Here's my Red and green symphilla

And my deep water branching lobo

Orange Lobo

I'll try find some daylight shots and tank shots if i can :)

Boxing Shrimp

Can anyone id this little creature just under the zoas


and this one its fully out and quite tiny at present

it almost looks like an aipstasia but its not it has its own stony skeleton around its clear like body
i really hope its something lps'y and not just another pest


Stunning tank Rich well done, thats a great build.

I love the LPS they looking stunning under the blues :D

Boxing Shrimp

MegaTwin said:
Stunning tank Rich well done, thats a great build.

I love the LPS they looking stunning under the blues :D

Thanks fella appreciate the comments,
and i have to admit i prefer the tank the most when the blues are on tbh
or should i say leds off ebay

Boxing Shrimp

northernmonkey said:
Wow very nice mate you have a great selection there . As for the unknown thing I'm not sure . My eyes are not the best :oops: It's not one of these is it ?
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/red-tube-anemone- ... tsupported .

Cheers N.M. again thanks for your nice comments
i would like to think its a tube nem m8 but its not as the
outer skeleton is stony unlike a tube nem which is wrapped up with a skin like
coating and no hard skeleton

Boxing Shrimp

Couple mre snaps for ya'll

a new acan in between my 2 symph's

Green Discoma's

Nice Tri colour Rhodactis



Thanks for looking :D

Note to self new camera required
so for the crap pics but gives you an idea