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My aquareef 300


I have recently acquired a very neglected Aquaone Aquareef 300 tank. After hours of cleaning and some TLC it was eventually ready for water. I have carried out some work to the tank stand and sump arrangement and have recently changed the lights to LEDS from the stock T5 lighting that came with the tank, new return pump and 2 new pumps.

This is not my first marine tank, I have kept marines for several years and have learnt the hard way with the common mistakes that most encounter. I transferred my clowns, cuc and some rock from my previous smaller setup and the tank had two surviving tangs.

2 X Hydra 26 HD
2 x H2ocean rectors - 1 with arcadia bio phos 80, 1 with Aquavitro biogen balls
Jecod DC 6000 return pump
Jecod RW8, Jecod RW4
Stock Aquaone skimmer - i intend to change this as soon as possible
Salt - Tropic Marin pro reef

Purple Tang
Yellow eye Tang
2 x Picasso Clowns
2 x cleaner Shrimp
Pink spot goby
Strawberry Basslet
Various CUC

Lobo/Brain coral
4 head Duncan Frag
Alvepora coral
Torch coral
Sunny D zoa frag
and various other frags