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My 6x2x2 Reef


i had tried a few other potions in the past including kalk paste, as fluke tabs are no longer available. all attempts had the clove not only staying, but seemingly improving....thriving

i found the odd clove polyp in the middle of an acropora, so the must send spores out, so that's when i decided enough was enough.

hopefully by using just the active ingredient from the fluke tabs, i will get success, i will see when i get home today.

should work on xenia etc too.....not holding my breath on the discosoma red mushies, but ya never know. :whistling:


I found aipx alot works on mushies iv killed several but you need to make them curl up and eat it. I put some mysis on it to think it's being fed then nailed it with aip x lol. I guess kalk would work the same way.
Will be interesting to see what effect it has later today.

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It's been a bit grim,

It was however a last resort, as it was impossible to take rock out, without a full dismantle

So I went into rocky mode, if it dies it dies.....:fight:

Lost a good few acros, and. Lot of half stripped stuff too :no:

Left for 24hours after 100mg dose, and then started water changes, wet skimming, carbon, polyfilter...

After 3 days of water changes to be fair, it
Oops a bit ****, and I have a frag rack full of skeletons, and I have removed a few acros, and a few more have signs of stripping.

So if it doesn't buck up soon it will. Likely be a fresh start,,,,or strip down :whistling:


No polyps, but still has the matting in places...so not 100% sure yet

Same pics







I kalk everything me, melts the **** out of anything it touches.

Take it it didn't work? If you have polyps to photograph :016:
them polyps are virtually nuke proof haha. ended up leaving the aip x on for a good 40mins and they eventually died.

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you must have found some crazy app on your phone :lol: those ears suit you Big Thumbs Up

You hoping the drug will have done enough damage and the polyps base simply dies or you think they are going to come back and bute you in the arse?

Assume you can't just remove infected rocks? Snap off sps and rework the scape a bit.