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My 300ltr Triton Mixed Reef


Latest FTS.

Nearly everything is growing quick now, especially the green Montipora hirsuta and red plating which I'm fragging back on a frequent basis. The clowns have also moved into the bubble tip anemone with no coaxing from myself, nearly a year after it was added.



Thanks, I love them. Have always wanted one but was put off by the stories they are finiky eaters but when my LFS showed him eager to eat I snapped it up. Eats flake as well as frozen now.

He is a bit bigger than in that video now and more confident. Forgot how small it was when I first got it. Now about 2" long.


I was away down I Cornwall this week doing some driver training and popped into Jason's Aquatics in Redruth before he shut up shop for renovations.

Picked up a nice large chunk of purple plating Monti and some Tri colour acro valida. He had some great rare colour morphs but wasn't willing to drag them as he is growing them out at the moment.

I also got home to find my clowns had laid eggs under the anemone.

Anyway, here's a few pics