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marine betta

Discussion in 'Fish Photographs' started by cammy, May 15, 2011.

  1. cammy

    cammy Registered

    This is my marine betta 3 years old very hard to get photo of.
  2. PROrion

    PROrion Registered

    In my top five, fantastic fish and you got yourself a gem there mate.
  3. Mitchell

    Mitchell Registered

    I've just done a little rescape yesterday to try and get a better look at my Betta. Its been in the tank a month and I've only caught glimpses of its tail. I've now seen it this morning in one of the new dark overhangs I've created for it.

    Great photo of yours.

    Do you feed it anything in particular?
  4. cammy

    cammy Registered

    just the basic brine shrimp and myis i feed the fish before the lights go down then leave some for him when the lights r out. hes more a night fish but i still get a glimps of him during the day his colours are wow.
  5. Stunning fish! Very challenging to get a photo! Big Thumbs Up mine does come out in the day time, normally for a bit of flake or to stare at his reflection!:biggrin: