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Manchester IRA Bomb


So, on 15th June 1996, the IRA decided it would be a good idea to blow up Manchester. Given it's a 20yr anniversary (for want of a better word) this year, here are some pics of the devastation it caused, along with a video taken from the helicoptor


ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_03 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_04 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_05 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_07 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_09 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_14 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_16 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_17 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_18 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_19 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_21 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_24 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_25 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_27 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_31 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_34 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr
ASR_MEN_140614Arndalebomb_01 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

I remember it clear as day. I was 16yr old, working my saturday job at Sports Division. We were asked by security at 9am to look for a "suspicious package". By 10am we were evacuated. Made our way as close as we could get to our meeting point but were stopped by blockades. Ended up sitting on the steps of the Natwest building on Chapel Walks. It was a lovely sunny day, and around 11:15, the girls from the shop were talking about diet coke breaks etc.... then BOOM. The ****ing LOUDEST noise I have ever heard.

From where I was sat, I could see down Pall Mall between Boots and Shellys. I saw a lot of crap fly up Market Street. I am talking dust, bricks, shop sutters etc. Then I was hit by a wave of wind, blowing me to the floor. I remember banging the back of my head, then opening my eyes to a clear blue sky, with lots of sparkles in it. In all honesty, I assume I was dead and this was heaven.

Then I heard the sound of rain. But it wasnt water. It was glass...... coming down from the sky. I stood up, grabbed the two girls closest to me by the scruff of their necks (Leeanne and Diane) and ran towards King Street.

I can hold up my hand and say adrenaline kicked in that day, and I have never felt so scared in my life when it work off.

We were ushered out of town towards Hulme where I sat on a roundabout until 4pm when a kind citizen picked me up and drove me home as no taxis would come into Manchester.

So, anyone else there??


I wasn't there, but I heard it go off! At the time I lived in Droylsden with my missus Tracy. Whilst outside with Tracy cleaning our bike of the moment (an FZR1000 RU EXUP, if I remember correctly!) We heard the biggest 'WHUMPF' and I thought 'Fot the Wuck'. Yup it certainly was a day that sticks in my mind!


20 years,when you look at those pictures,you wouldn't think that could be this country.it's like some other war torn place.it's awful.


Small minded people who care about nobody but themselves. I am glad the vast majority of Ireland do not condone such acts of terror !
I for one do not !


Scary things bombs, no conscience, they just go bang and that's it. Nothing quite like them to make you feel alive though, the adrenalin rush is like no other


Yep, I remember this I was about 14 art the time and was there a week before it went off. Never really liked going back. In fact in those twenty years I've been the Trafford centre once


not the ira we have to worry about these days,least they warned us as bad as the bombs was,unlike the bleeding terrorists,suicide bombers,isis idiots,loons etc gun totting bearded ladies!