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Malcolmfish First tank


My first LFS wouldn't let me buy a nem until a long way into ownership. Give it time until the tank settles, they're not too tricky once the tank is right.


My tank is about 18 months old? Need to check my levels but everything is normal low as expected.

Will try get a camera to take a nice set of shots. Phone has issues with the LEDS


Bump. Tank is still going but needs some TLC most likely.
Will try take some photos ASAP.

Have enjoyed reading your thread, but shame about the nems. The key seems to be flow and light...they like light but not too much flow (never blast them unless you want them to move).

Have had mine for months now, moved once by a few inches to occupy the entrance to a small cave and have been there since. Took a few weeks for the clowns to move in though. I have never fed my nems at all, instead I just leave it to the clowns.

Nem 03.18 #1.jpg

And a Black and White:

Nem 03.18 #1 B&W.jpg


Very nice mate! its very odd, two different nems and both chose different locations.
Both decided not so much. It wont put me off, I think however ill wait for my next (bigger) tank before diving into one.