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Magic Crystal Lens Phone For Aquarium

Discussion in 'Fish Street' started by fishstreet, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. fishstreet

    fishstreet Registered

    We have just release a new product (((Magic Crystal Lens Phone for Aquarium)))

    Please see the details in the here:
    https://www.fish-street.com/magic-crystal-lens-phone-for-aquarium FOR AQUARIUM

    Please contact us for Discount if you want to doing review.


    Special Develop for Aquarium Only Lens. It's can let you more easy take a photo with your tank and back to nature color! Long Holder include which for 10cm size, Iphone / Samgsung / LG and Google phone / etc can using
    Aquarium Crystal Lens for Phone
    Mostly suitable for Phone
    Avoid overlap for the Blue color, easy let you using for your phone to take a phone
    Return Natural color on your Tank
    Most of use of Aquarium!
    For Andriod or IOS can work~

    16.5cm Long x 3.5cm Long



    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
  2. Eaval

    Eaval Registered

    link doesnt appear to work.

    Is this just a colour filter or does it have any form of lens ?
  3. fishstreet

    fishstreet Registered

    Dear Eaval

    Thank you for your remind that we have changed to it . Let to try again .

    Thank you
    Fish Street Store
  4. les

    les Registered

    Ordered one just waiting for it to arrive from China, I am obviously in no rush :)
    Pic's will follow as and when
    Jagger likes this.
  5. AngusMitch

    AngusMitch Registered

    I got one of these a few weeks back, here are a few photos I have just taken on my iPhone 8 with full zoom and using just the lens and no other alterations made.

    This was under full blues on a single Radion XR15W Pro Gen 3 in my frag tank





    les likes this.
  6. Jagger

    Jagger Registered

    Wow stunning pictures and frags!

    Have you got any for sale?
  7. markalex

    markalex Registered

    Works pretty well judging by those photos
  8. city1111

    city1111 Registered

    Looks good that , I've got an iPhone 8+ can you use the other zoom lens on these ?
  9. city1111

    city1111 Registered

    Just ordered one anyways see how it goes
  10. steve861uk

    steve861uk Registered

    I don't have an iPhone 8, nor will I be getting one :p So if I get one of these lenses I will take some photos with my not so amazing old phone and hope it makes a significant difference to my pics.

    No I don't have phone envy :rolleyes:, just more money in my pocket and an £8 a month (with lots of minutes, 4G data and unlimited texts) , rolling monthly phone contract :aaaaa:
  11. AngusMitch

    AngusMitch Registered

    I was only saying what phone I used along with lighting so that people knew the setup as it may differ for different phones/lighting

    £8 a month? getting ripped off there mate, mine is free with work !
  12. steve861uk

    steve861uk Registered

    Free is always better :), but never going to happen with my employer :(.
  13. city1111

    city1111 Registered

    Good for you , mine gets put through the business too , so why don't you walk to the phone box and save your £8 too